Item Passives Edit

Item passives are effects gained by putting at least one point into a particular item in a particular backpack. These often have important effects on the battle and are displayed in the stats section of each item. They are always listed as a separate bonus and are displayed in quotation marks.

Ex: "Augment"

Item: Magic Nail Edit

Enchanted Ensemble

  • “Augment” (getting KO’s adds bonus Attack Damage (+8 for champions, +2 for minions/jungle creeps), get KO’ed and lose half your bonus)

Item: Demon Blood Sword Edit

Meta-Science Sack

  • "Monster Hunter" (Extra damage to Jungle Creeps)

Item: Grob Gob Glob Grod's Device Edit

Meta-Science Sack

Techno Tank

  • "Drain Magic" (When you hit enemies with auto-attacks their power damage is decreased for a short duration.)

Item: Numb-Chucks Edit

Ice Monarch Regalia

  • “Numb” (your basic attacks lower enemy champion Attack Speed)