Battle Party ideas:

. 1.More People

2.More skins

3.When someone disconnects,let them comeback in the game

4.Make a Battle Party Website for the actual game

5.Show the skin people are using for the loading screen

6.Pair people up,depending on their tiers becuase we like a good challenge

7.When you are waiting for people to join the que let us go to the store or our back packs

8.When you join a team match let the host allow other friends to join instead of breaking the whole team up

9.If you figure out how to make more people play,try to make like a 4 v 4 or something

You guys might see this like in 2020 but if this can go to the creators then the game will be out the roof,Oh and I have Skins and Champion Ideas. @Facebook Killerkid LS (that's my name in lost saga,don't mind it) and @Gmail