Anti-magic gear is the name of the game!  Wizards beware! 

  • PROs:  Shields, Shield Penetration, Health, Speed.
  • CONs:  Power Damage.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


Finn's Golden Sword  - A mighty sword, made for attacking your foes!

  • Attack Damage (15/30/60/100)

Gauntlet of the Hero  – This gauntlet lets you penetrate magical defenses. Legend has it that this is the only item able to harm The Lich.

  • Power Damage (15/25/50/100)
  • Shield Breach (10/25/50/100)

Robo Suit  - A tough, resistant robotic suit of armor.

  • Armor (10/20/40/75)
  • Shields  (5/10/15/25)
  • Health (25/50/75/100)

Anti-Magic Cube  -   Nullifies magic, even your own

  • Shields (10/25/50/100) 
  • Health (25/50/75/100)
  • Power Damage (-10/-20/-30/-50)

Anti-Gravity Tote Chamber  - This miraculous device is used to safely store the most perfect of snacks.

  • Health (25/75/100/150)  
  • Regenerate  (1/2/3/4)
  • Speed (.10/.15/.20/.30)

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