• BananaHead223


    November 23, 2015 by BananaHead223

    I am new to this wiki, but I know an admin, and I hope to be a big contributor to the wiki! Cya on the battle field!

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  • Pluto258

    New Admin

    August 6, 2015 by Pluto258

    Hello to all the editors of Adventure Time Battle Party Wikia.  Because this wikia is inactive, I put in an adoption request and it was approved.  I am now an admin on this wikia and look forward to adding more content and pages.  If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments section and I will repond to them when I can.

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  • CreativeDuck

    Do you think we should add the skill animations from the Champions section at the game page?

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  • Powercord6

    Favourite Champion

    February 2, 2015 by Powercord6

    Mine is Finn because his broken q does a lot of damage when at lvl 7 because you max out memow's dagger so you get tons of attack speed.Who's your favourite?

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  • OddKevinNoob

    As you know, NUWW has been significantly changed, targeting high-damage carries like Gunter and FP (and the occassional Rattleballs :P). Now there is much more risk with less utlility in building full damage. Now, since you need to build armor/shields for CDR NUWW better fits PD characters that have a bit tankier role, like Ice King, Lich, and even Jake. In this analysis, I want to compare the nerfed NUWW Gunter with the Fridjitsu AD Machine Gun-ter.

    Last patch, NUWW (4/4/0/0/2) was easily stronger than AD. The only thing you'd miss out on was 350 attack speed, 10% more CDR, some speed and crit for a whopping amount of PD that makes your abilites one-shot the enemies. Now, at Lv 10, here are the stats for the new NUWW (4/4/0/0/2).

    AD: 140


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  • OddKevinNoob

    Rattleballs is essentially a versatile bruiser that has the ability to turn around teamfights with his high damage output and large-AOE crowd control. He also can be build as a wizard which makes him less effective in lane but even stronger in teamfights. But what makes him so strong in this current patch?

    Let's look at the raw stats first. Upon release Rattleballs wasn't too popular because his lower damage than other bruisers (and the fact that he never appeared in the show itself -_-). But in Patch 7/1, he received significant buffs ( that increased his damage, attack speed, and the effectiveness of his ult. He now has the highest BASE attack speed at level one, and his AD matches those of other bruisers no…

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  • OddKevinNoob

    Hi! I'm Odd Kevin Noob a Level 48 player of Adventure Time Battle Party In 4/2 (Due to a recent losing streak -_-).  In Patch 8/18 I've been seeing some OP champions and strategies and decided to put it all in this one post.

    There is no real meta right now due to the lack of communication during champion select, but there has been a slight pattern. Teams tend to choose a high-damage wizard (Gunter, FP, Lich, etc.) / auto-attack carry (Magic Man, LSP, PB, etc), a strong fighter (Fionna, Rattleballs, Finn, Marceline, etc.), and a slightly tanky support (Lemongrab, Beemo, Jake, even Ice King). 

    At the beginning of every game, everybody rushes to the middle altar because it gives a slight advantage in lane with the extra damage it gives. This us…

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  • T2rollin

    In solo Q you have to be aware of which champion you pick. Just because you are good at one specific champion does not mean you will have the ability to carry every match. The first thing i look at before i start any match is " do we have anyone that can clear jungle when we are down in points?". The reason behind this thought is that in order to win by points... you will need to jungle at some point.

    The second question i ask myself is "will i have the ability to win with this champion even if a team member disconnects?" . There are plenty of champions capable of carrying a 2v3 (i will list at the end of discussion) and there are some champions that you will not be able to do anything but defend with.

    The Third and final question i ask myse…

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  • T2rollin


    By: Clever Pedro Alien

    T4/4 Immortal Warrior

    Marceline is one of the best champions to use while solo Q'ing she has great catching ability and is able to jungle like a god using the right backpack.


    1. Great Catching ability (Q) (while in bat form).
    2. Has massive sustain making her able to stay in fights a very long time.
    3. Team fighting is a breeze with her multiple target charm.
    4. Can push turrets fast with the autto attack reset on her W ( in bat form).
    5. Great Mobility with her W (in both forms)


    1. She is very squishy, pick your fights wisely.
    2. Her early Alter rush is weak.
    3. Early teamfighting is weak.
    4. very easy to poke down

    When i am looking to pick a backpack for Marceline i glance at my team composition and tier that i am playing in.

    The best …

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