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Main screen

Candy Streets
Some attributes
First Towers (4)
Second Altars (0)
Third Lanes (1)
Other attributes
Fourth Cyclopes Tears (4)
Fifth Jungle Bosses (2)
Sixth Buffs (2)


This is a 1-on-1 practice map. Currently, there is no possible way to play a 1-on-1 online game with someone else.

There are two bases located at the furthest left and right ends of the map, four towers with two on each side, and a middle area with two altars. The jungle consists of two places in the middle of each sides' two towers. From left side to right side, the monsters are the Iron Owls and Gnomes, respectively.


  • Collect more gems than your opponent.
  • Help your minions by defeating the minions or the bot of the opponent team.
  • Destroy the base tower.
  • Opponents

Lemongrab, Jake, Finn, or Ice King. I have seen Jake the most times, he is probably the most common bot to fight.