Enchanted items provide you with great power … with a little bit of a tradeoff.

  • PROs:  “Augment”, Best Potential Attack Damage and Defensive Stats…
  • CONs:  Power damage, Tradeoffs (Health and Attack Speed)

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


Magic Nail  - Turns anything into a weapon, fixes stuff. The more you fight, the deadlier you become.

  • Attack Damage (5/10/20/35)
  • Speed (.05/.10/.15/.20)
  • “Augment” (getting KO’s adds bonus Attack Damage (+5 for champions, +2 for minions/jungle creeps), get KO’ed and lose half your bonus. Max of 25 Attack Damage per level in Magic Nail)

Simon Petrikov's Glasses  - Glasses of the brilliant scientists and eventual wizard, Simon Petrikov.

  • Power Damage (10/25/50/100)
  • Cooldown (10%/15%/20%/25%)

Ice Armor  - Super thick ice makes you incredibly hard to wound, but attack slower.

  • Armor (10/25/50/100) 
  • Health (25/75/100/150)
  • Attack Speed (-50/-100/-150/-200)

Anti-Magic Cube  -  Nullifies magic, even your own

  • Shields (10/25/50/100)
  • Health (25/50/75/100)
  • Power Damage (-10/-20/-30/-50)

Ghost Pouch  - A pouch with a trapped spirit. Good for your health, better with spells.

  • Health  (25/75/100/150)
  • Power Damage (10/20/30/50)
  • Power Vamp (3%/5%/7%/10%)

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