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What needs the most work?Edit

  • Candy Streets
  • Battle Lab
  • Champion Layout

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  • Champion pages
  • Backpack pages

Backpack StatsEdit

This is the standar​d way people write backpack builds/guides,  Lets say you are looking for a Gunter guide and you come across this Billy's Bag 1>5>1>5>1>2>1>2>2>5 (4/3/0/0/3) Other people would write it like this 1/5/1/5/1/2/1/2/2/5 (4/3/0/0/3) If you are new to this game you might be really confused on what to do now, this can help you out   The max level is 10 you get a point to spend in your backpack each level. The guide shows the number 1 first that means that at lvl 1 you spend your point in the 1st item then it shows the number 5 that means that at level 2 you spend your point in the 5th item and so on until you end with 4 points spend in the first item, 3 points in the second and 3 points in the fifth.