Finn is a balanced fighter with powers good for escape and chasing. He can jungle or be a laning champion, but he works better being jungler.

This guide is a work in progress, more will be added soon.

Spell Strategies Edit

Passive - Furry Edit

Furry will put on 1 ring around a enemy champion every time you hit him. Very good for jungling, for you will do more dmg each time you hit the monster, stacking. This also works well for beating enemies, you'll do more damage every time you hit the enemy champion.

Q - Armored Attack Edit

The Q is a shield that grants armor, but when you reach maximum Furry (3 rings) it explodes, dealing damage.This could be used also in jungling, you get armor against the jungle monster at the start, then you can do more damage once you've hit him 3 times.

W - Bombastic Dash Edit

Very, very useful for ganking. You can dash, and the first thing you hit will put 1 Furry ring on it. The ability cooldown resets once you get a kill or assist. It can also be used to catch up to someone, or run away quickly. However, someone like Ice King can freeze you in the middle of your dash.

E - The Ring! Edit

Your Ultimate ability! Should be good... It puts a flaming ring around you that does dmg and stops enemies dead in their tracks. Very useful for ganking and trapping enemies. However, A minion can run into 1 of your walls and leave the path clear for the enemy champions to attack. Be careful where you launch this.

Recommended BackpacksEdit

Bindle of Bravery.  This allows you to kill jungle mobs easily, which allows for you to level up you backpack and help your team more.

Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice.  This backpack is the best if you want a lot of knockouts, as you can put points into power damage to make finn's W do a lot of damage.

Billy's Bag.  This is a good all-around bag for Finn.  You can easily keep pressure on a lane with this, the enemy team will be forced to use one or two of their members to counter you, allowing for a quick tower destroy in the other lane.

Team MembersEdit

Finn is a fighter/ninja, so a tank and a wizard compliment him nicely.  Good combos include:

Jake and Ice King.  Diffently the best combo, as this allows for Jake to push one lane and Ice King to push the other, with Finn helping destroy enemy towers or protect his team's towers.

Earl of Lemongrab and Princess Bubblegum.  This is good, as long as the enemy does not have Billy or Pepermint Butler, in which case Princess Bubblegum will be almost useless.


Jungler Strategy: Get Bindle of Bravery, put points into Demon Blood Sword whenever you can, and when you can't put points into Medal of Bravery to be able to unlock the next level.  If you manage to max those both out before the game's over, grabbing a level in Future Crystal would be good, but the rest is up to your preference.  Using this backpack will allow you to KO the Goo Monster by yourself early in the game.  To kill the Goo Monster, use your Q whenever you can and save your W for when the Goo Monster is about to launch his goo patch, then use your W to dash to the other side of him.  The same strategy can also be used on Kee-Oth, but be sure that you can kill him easily, or get help from your teammates.

Laner Strategy: Usually Finn is a Jungler, but you can take him laning as well. Use your W to escape ganks and to burst the enemy champ. Use Q when ever fighting the enemy champ or going 1 on 1 with someone, as it will give you armor, then attack damage. Your E is not good in lane, because a minion could walk into a wall and let the enemy champ escape/catch you. Finn has good attack damage, and he will take down the enemy towers pretty quickly. Once you get the 1st tower down, go help your team, but make sure to defend your own turrets.