Flame Princess is the strongest, yet slowest wizard in the game. With her long range, she is highly capable of destroying enemies from a distance. Her W is the most annoying skill any champion could encounter, but beware of the flaws that comes with it!


  • Strongest of all wizard champions
  • Very long range
  • Decent passive ability
  • Magnificent skills
  • Very strong ultimate
  • Decent ambusher


  • Has the lowest health in the game, aside from Gunter
  • Very low mobility
  • Long cooldowns
  • Skills require a bit of positioning
  • Terrible solo-jungler
  • Can be weaker in 1v1 fights, depending on who you're up against


Scatter Fire (Passive)Edit

This passive can help you achieve tons of KOs. In order to activate it, you'd need to use one of FP's skills (Q or W recommended) and then auto attack right behind that. It also becomes stronger if you're using a PD build.

Flame Blast (Q)Edit

This is one of the skills you will constantly be using throughout the entire game. It has the lowest cooldown time and can be used for any situation. It's a linear skill, so you'd need to properly position it before you cast it. Especially for the few moments that you'd be chasing enemies.

Flambit Polymorph (W)Edit

This is one of the most annoying skills in the game any enemy champion could encounter, mainly meelee champions. Polymorphed targets will be unable to attack and can damage their teammates if they get too close. They are also slowed for 3 seconds, which makes attacking them even easier than before.

Blazing Inferno (E)Edit

Blazing Inferno is arguably one of the best ultimates in the game. FP players mainly use this for its insane damage or for fleeing a scene. This skill lasts for 5 seconds or until you've used up all 3 of your dashes. It's very strong early-game and can be used as a catching tool when you're chasing someone. Note that the transformation will delay you for about 2-3 seconds. Use this wisely, as it has a long cooldown.

Picking the right backpackEdit

If you're looking for the perfect backpack, you need to figure out what kind of FP you want to play. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I willing to sacrifice my power for AD and be an offensive wizard?
  • Am I willing to take the normal PD route and become a powerful, squishy wizard?
  • Am I willing to go hybrid and be an average wizard?

Once you've made your decision, you will be able to choose freely without so many complications.

Billy's Bag (4/0/4/0/2) (~Attack Damage/Regen~)Edit

I currently use this build and it works out wonderfully. This will definitely make you the scariest, deadliest, and most offensive wizard anyone has ever seen! It might seem weak early-game, but it will change later on as you level up. The regen will prevent you from having to grab health cans along the way too.

Champion's Bag (4/4/0/0/2) (~Hybrid~)Edit

I've used this build for quite some time before recently switching over to Billy's Bag up there. It still makes FP strong, just in more of a divided way. You could probably get around 8-13 KOs with this build, depending on how well you can control FP and her tools. Note that alot of FP players use this build, so you probably won't be the only one equipped with it during a match.

Due to some feedback, I'm working on finding a different PD build for FP. So hang tight for that, if you're interested!

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • Always stay with your team, even if only one of your teammates are present at that moment. You'd be much more successful with someone else beside you rather than being alone. 
  • Never jungle alone with FP, always ask for help when you feel the need to jungle.
  • A quick and easy way to do alot of damage to someone is to auto attack them first, use your Q, and then auto attack them again. Scatter Fire may become part of the combo because you used a skill to activate it.
  • Ambushing people with FP is easy, just locate an enemy and hide in the plants a little further ahead of them. When they walk by, position and hit them with your W and use your Q along with auto attacks to do some massive damage to them. Beware of what champion you're ambushing, because your plan could easily backfire if you ambush someone like Fionna or Lemongrab.
  • FP's W is a great skill, but there is a slight delay in the cast time. So if you position your W incorrectly, it could lead to even more problems, as FP is vulerable while casting. Note that people may also dodge or dash away from your W if you're too predictable.
  • If you're chasing someone and you're willing to secure a kill with your ult, be sure to only limit yourself to two dashes. Otherwise, you'd have used your ult for nothing.
  • Keep your distance from your enemies, especially meelee ones.
  • Try to avoid 1v1 fights unless you absolutely believe you can take them on.
  • If you need to escape a "messy" situation, pop your ult and dash away from the KO hungry chasers that are on your tail.

Good luck, young, fiery grasshoppers!Edit

Now get out there and show those ATBP players what you've learned! 

~Princess Sierra Oyster~