325 (+25)
Attack Damage
50 (+4)
Walk Speed
10 (+1)
Power Damage
30 (+3)
Aggro Range
10 (+1)
Attack Speed
1500 (-50)
Attack Range
 : 5
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance
Gunter Shatter


Shatter (Passive)-

When Gunter KOs an enemy with a basic attack or Wing It, a shower of broken glass damages (20 + 0.2 Power Damage) nearby foes.

Belly Slide

Belly Slide

Belly Slide (Q) -

Gunter dashes to a targeted location with Belly Slide, ignoring any obstacles and exploding in a burst of bottles at his destination, damaging (50 + 0.5 Power Damage) nearby enemies.

Cooldown: 12s (9s at lvl 10)

Wing It

Wing It

Wing it (W) -

Gunter hurls a gigantic bottle projectile which will damage (50 + 0.6 Power Damage) the first enemy it hits. If Wing It lands a knock-out blow it will trigger Shatter (Gunter's passive).

Cooldown: 7.5s (5s at lvl 10)

Bottle Barrage

Bottle Barrage

Bottle Barrage (E) -

Gunter unleashes a steady onslaught of bottles, doing (40 + 0.7 Power Damage / sec) to all enemies in a large area. Gunter is unable to move or perform any ther actions while in this bottle-throwing frenzy.

Cooldown: 60s (42s at lvl 10)


Gunter has incredible damage potential, but the lowest amount of health in the game so positioning is key with him.

• Gunter's Belly Slide (Q) is one of the best dashes in the game because of its short cooldown and large range. While it does respectable damage, it's best to save it as an escape unless you're certain it will help secure a kill.

• Gunter's Belly slide (Q) Can also be used as a shortcut from base to the main altar or jungle: go right between the two health pickups close to the wall and aim as close to the other side as possible. Gunter will slide the extra distance, popping out at the other side. Can be used to get back into base as well.

• Aside from Gunter's low HP, his main drawback is high cooldowns so be careful to use skills wisely or build some cooldown reduction.

Be sure to have your E up if attempting a gank that needs to resault in kill.  If just getting a retreat out of an enemy is good enough, Q and W are recommended not to be on cooldown.

• Wing It (W) is amazing for poking and can proc Shatter so it's also a good farming tool. You can cast it immediately after an autoattack to cancel the animation and get more damage in. Because of its long range and quick cast time, it's also good for kiting.

• With Gunter's Bottle Barrage (E) make sure you are positioned well so that you deal the full damage and aren't easily retaliated against during the channel. It's recommended to have teammates with heavy crowd-control so achieve both as you cannot move until the animation finishes.

• Also note that a good Lemongrab is the best teammate you can have as Gunter. His slow makes it easier for you to catch up with enemies and His DUNGEON! ability helps you land your Bottle Barrage a lot easier.


Strong against:Edit

  • The Lich: He has short range spells that rely on his charm hitting. You can usually dash away from his poison, and even if you get hit by the charm, you will probably survive unless he has teamates to follow up.
  • Ice King: Similar to the Lich, you'll probably able to dash away from most threats unless he has backup.
  • Jake: Jake does minimal damage without his ult, which Gunter can dash away from. Plus, Gunter does extreme damage with his bottles and can actually burst down Jake unlike most other characters.

Weak against:Edit

  • Be wary when using your E. Charms, fears, silences, stuns, and Flame Princess' Polymorph will end your Bottle Barrage.
  • Flame Princess: Flame Princess has a longer range than Gunter with her spells and auto attacks, and you can't run away from her ult which can torch you in seconds.
  • Magic Man: He can intiate with his ult to take you down to half health, forcing you to run away, then he has high outplay potential with decoy against your bottles and can finish you with his auto attacks. Plus, he can stop your ult by decoying out of it or even silencing you.
  • Sir Rattleballs: His dash is almost like your dash, he can tank your bottles pretty well, and most importantly, can disrupt your teamfight ult with his W.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Her auto-attacks can chunk you really hard along with the area control of her spells. If her E hits you, it will leave you in a bad position with low health.
  • Billy : Watch out for his Nothung if he has two stacks on his passive. It can melt you because Gunter is squishy.
  • Peppermint Bulter: His stun and minty aura will take you down really fast, and with his stun he can stop your ult. Plus, he can catch up to your dash with his ult.

Skins Edit

Lady Gunter


Evil Eye Gunter

Evil eye

Jewel Thief Gunter

Jewel thief gunter

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Billy's Bag - This Or 2>1>1>2>1>2>1>2>3>3 (4/4/2/0/0)

Nearly Ultimate Wizard 2>2>1>1>2>1>2>1>(5>5/4>4/3>3) (4/4/-/-/-)

Champion's Backpack 1>1>2>2>1>1>2>2>5>5 (4/4/0/0/2)

Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice (4/0/0/2/4)

Vampire Rocker Gear 5>5>1>1>5>1>5>1>2>2 (4/2/0/0/4)

Bindle of Bravery (4/2/4/0/0) or (4/0/2/0/4)