Summary Edit

This is the perfect cooldown backpack while you're hacking them away with your attack damage! Low on health though but there's always a chance of escaping an attack with your battle moon item!!

  • PROs: Attack Damage, Cooldown
  • CONs: Health, Power Damage

Stats and Abilities Edit

Hewer's Haversack edited
Grass Sword - This magical sword makes all of your powers faster
  • Attack Damage (10/25/50/75)
  • Cooldown (5%/10%/15%/20%)

Lightning Sword - A sword enchanted with the power of lightning

  • Power Damage (10/32/50/100)

Battle Moon - Orbiting you intercepting attacks, this is epic loot!

  • Armour (10/20/30/50)
  • Attack Damage (5/10/15/20)
  • At times, negates physical attacks

Bubblegum's T-shirt - T-Shirt gifted to the Candy Kindom Monarch from the Vampire Queen of Rock

  • Shields (10/20/30/50)
  • Health (25/75/100/150)
  • Speed (0.05/.10/.15/.20)

The Art of Fridjitsu - Teaches one the Art of Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice

  • Cooldown (5%/10%/15%/20%)
  • Speed (.05/.10/.15/.20)
  • Critical Chance (3%/5%/7%/10%)

Tips Edit

This backpack is focused on Attack Damage and Cooldowns (max of 40% which is probably the highest among all the backpacks) It's generally good for melee fighters, especially those that focus more on Attack Damage than Power Damage, such as Finn, Fionna, PepBut or sometimes, long ranged attackers such as the Lich (since his abilities allow him to stack up on PD anyways.), LSP and Princess Bubblegum. Keep in mind that this backpack's high cooldown rate will allow you to use your Q,W,E like crazy! Allocate 4 points to the Grass Sword, 4 points to the Art of Fridjitsu and 2 points to the Battle Moon, which will help you to take off some damage in cases of emergency (though it takes time to recharge). It's a good idea to allocate your first point to Grass Sword then 2nd point to Battle Moon after leveling up, cuz you never know when the Battle Monn will save you in critical life-and-death moments.

From experience, this backpack fits really well with PepBut and PB. The cooldowns allow PepBut to become the ultimate assassin since he can use his W>Q>E combo much faster, not to mention using E as a escape or a mere speeding up technique just to get into the battle field real quick! (30secs - but forgot which level). As for PB, it makes her a really annoying harraser and jinxer especially when pushing against the opposing team's towers. It'll surprise the other teams how fast you're launching your Stick Puddles and Candy turrets (Max 3), so it'll keep them at bay. (Although this sacrifices her Power Damage, so it might hard for those who like to depend on PB's Sticky Puddles and E Bomb for power damage.) While using this backpack, her main strength comes from her fast cooldown turrets and stick puddles to keep opponents trap inside.

Good with

Spicy Crystal Alien- 2nd Tier