Hunson PortraitL


425 (+40)
Attack Damage
40 (+4)
Walk Speed
10 (+1)
Power Damage
50 (+3)
Aggro Range
25 (+2)
Attack Speed
1600 (-40)
Attack Range
HP Regen
3 (+2)
Crit Chance

Hunson is a support/tank. His Q grabs can stop enemies from running away and allow teammates to execute. It is also pretty fun when the enemies are right outside your turret range and harassing you. Make sure there are no enemy minions around and pull the enemy in. They can't run and will just get rekt by the turret. After the three pulls, immediately W for the fear and with your passive buff, hunt down that enemy with almost no hp. The W is useful when there are melee attackers on your tail. W and you can escape! Hunson is also an extreme counter to pepbut. When he tries to tunnel in to stun, W right before and he won't be able to stun you. Grab him with your Q and chase him! The W fear can also stop annoying ults like Gunter and Marcy's. The ult is best used when there are minions around for maximum regen. It can be used just for clearing minions/regen and can also be used offensively. It is really easy to get out of hunson's ult, so it is best when you have a teammate that could stun or root the enemy. Once they are stuck, get right on top of them and Ult, draining hp and dealing high damage. But do note that his ult can be easily interrupted by a stun or a knock back. Hunson should be built with Power Damage and tankiness. CDR also helps.

NUWW 2>3/4>2>3/4>2>3/4>2>3/4>3/4>5>5

-Yucky Sean GarlicHunson is the character who gets the most advantage from AV and PV.

His Q is used to catch enemies, either to stop them from running, or to slow them so you can run (I do this a lot of times) or to attract (very useful).

His W is used to fear enemies, it fears enemies nearly, very good when a lot of melee char atacks you.

His Ultimate power is used to damage enemies around while recovering HP.

Vampire Rocker Gear 4/2/0/0/4.

Hunson will have a decent Attack Damage with a lot of AV, PV and health, a bit of regeneration and PD so he will get benefits by using Ultimate.