Unleash your icy magic and chill your foes’ very souls!  Maximize your magical mojo with more mystical manipulation, man.

  • PROs:  Power Damage, Power Vamp, “Numb”
  • CONs:  Attack Damage, Health, Shields.

The name of the bag (Ice Monarch) hints that Battle Junk from this backpack comes from the "Ice King".

Stats and abilitiesEdit


Numb-Chucks  -  Move fast like a ninja and slow your foes with numbing blows

  • Attack Damage (10/20/30/50)
  • Speed (.03/.05/.08/.10)
  • “Numb” (your basic attacks lower enemy champion Attack Speed)

Demonic Wishing Eye  -  Potent offensive and life sustaining magics with a patented "5% critical chance"

  • Power Damage (15/35/75/150)
  • Power Vamp (3%/5%/7%/10%)
  • Critical chance (5%/5%/5%/5%)

Jake’s Helm  -  A durable protective device for your head

  • Armor (10/25/50/100)

Ice King’s Crown  -  An evil magical crown that will protect its wearer and grant them magical powers.

  • Shields (10/20/30/50)
  • Power Damage (10/25/50/100)
  • Cooldown (3%/5%/7%/10%)

Ghost Pouch  -  A pouch with a trapped spirit. Good for your health, better with spells.

  • Health  (25/75/100/150)
  • Power Damage (10/20/30/50)
  • Power Vamp (3%/5%/7%/10%)