Jake the Dog
750 (+50)
Attack Damage
40 (+3)
Walk Speed
20 (+3)
Power Damage
10 (+2)
Aggro Range
10 (+1)
Attack Speed
1500 (-50)
Attack Range
HP Regen
Crit Chance
J pass


Jake's Basic Attacks SLOWS (50% for 1.5 sec.) opponents and do bonus Attack Damage (+40%). This can only happen once every 8 seconds to a given target.


Stretchy Grab

Jake extends his arms to incredible lengths with his Stretchy Grab, damaging (35 + 0.0 to .8 Power Damage) and STUNNING (2 sec.) the first enemy he hits. Scaling depends on distance, with enemy's further away taking more damage. He will then rapidly pull himself to that enemy, ignoring intervening obstacles and setting himself up for another attack.


Jake Balloon

Jake inflates himself into the form of a huge ball, KNOCKING BACK and damaging (65 + 0.6 Power Damage) all nearby foes.


Giant Jake

Jake grows HUGE and stomps around for 5 seconds, damaging (60 + 0.5 Power Damage/sec.) nearby foes.  While in Giant Jake form, Jake cannot make Basic Attacks or use other Powers, but he is immune to controling effects (except KNOCKBACK) and will remove any existing ROOTS or SLOWS when the power is activated.

Advanced StatisticsEdit

Stretchy Grab


  • Spell Cast Indicator: LINE
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Rectangle 7x3
  • Spell Range: 7
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 600
  • Spell Cooldown: 12s (8s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 1500
  • Damage: 25
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 1.75
  • SpellDuration: .6s

Jake Balloon

  • Spell Cast Indicator: AoE
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 6x6
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 10s (8s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 65
  • Damage Ratio: 0.6
  • Spell Area: 3
  • Spell Duration: .5s

Giant Jake


  • Spell Cast Indicator: N/A
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 4x4
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type:INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 60s
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 6000
  • Damage: 60
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 2
  • Spell Duration: 5s

Strategy Edit

Jake is primarily a tank with the option to take on a far more damagey role if the necessity arises. He excells at disrupting the enemy forces with a multitude of CC abilites while being extremely hard to kill.

Your Q can be extremely difficult to land at times and is best not to attempt it at long range unless the enemy is already CCed from an ally. Instead it can be useful to hold onto the cooldown and instead walk up to the enemy, if they expect the Q they will try to zigzag to dodge it and you will catch them. Once they are slowed by your passive they will now be an easy target for the followup stun.

Jake has a powerful technique which involves getting to the centre of the enemy team and then using his W to scatter them, a best case scenario is throwing a high priority target such as an enemy Flame Princess into Jake's team while throwing her team away and preventing them from saving her.

W has multiple uses, in addition to the above it's especially useful to run away from enemies with. If they are chasing Jake or his team then you can use it to knock them away, and unless they have multiple or spammable dashes they won't be able to re-engage.

However the most important thing to note about Jake's W is that it can both help AND HINDER his team if he is not careful. For example, do not use the above tactic of scattering the enemy team if you have an allied Lemongrab on your team.He may try to catch the entire enemy team in his Dungeon however if you move them away it will miss entirely. Other issues can arise if you knock an enemy back who is being chased by your team, you can knock them further to safety. Or if you knock a powerful enemy towards an ally on low health or underfarmed.

Jake's ultimate is a powerful damaging move which he can follow up with after trapping the enemy in his CC. It also renders him immune to disables while in use. Its major use is to cause a high amount of damage to enemies grouped up in a teamfight, make sure that you keep moving while using it or else it will deal no damage, even walking in circles is enough to count.

Another use of Jake's ultimate is to tank through dissables. He can stand in front of hard engage tools such as Marceline or Ice King's snare without fear because he can remove them if they try to catch him, and they're better hitting Jake than hitting his team who have no such luxury. He can also use this technique to allow his team to escape from an enemy Finn's ultimate, walking through and disabling one of the walls of the ring.

Jake on his own has got a huge debilitating weakness to being kited however, his Q is exceptionally hard to land so he can have a bit of trouble engaging on enemies at range, meanwhile after the stun wears off an enemy with a dash can easilly escape the full bront of his ultimate. This means that building extra movement speed from the Anti-Gravity Chamber in Bella Noche's or Techno-Tank Backpack will help him considerably. And having a bit of extra crowd control on his team will help a lot too.

Jake has however got another build besides tank, and that is as a mage/caster.

Instead of becoming unkillable, this set focusses on killing enemies. Jake has a considerable damage output when built with Power Damage in mind and can do enough to carry games by himself if he gets the item levels.

His primary damage tool is his W which can be used to harass enemies and knock them away to prevent them counter attacking. While his ultimate allows him to kill them if need be. Lead in with your Q, auto them once to apply your passive slow then immediatly press E and click around to stomp on them. This will usually be enough to kill them no matter what. (Note that leading in with your Q is still as unreliable as always, so use it on an enemy who is already CCed by one of your allies, or is locked into a long cast animation such as Gunter's or LSP's ultimate, or Flame Princess' polymorph).

Jake is still very tanky and difficult to kill with this build however don't try to stand in the middle of the enemy team by yourself. Your role here isn't to absorb damage anymore it's to deal it. CHOO CHOO!

Champion SkinsEdit



Guardian Jake

Guardian jake

Zombie Jake

Zombie jake

Wiz Biz Jake

Wiz biz jake

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Bella Noche Knapsack 2>(2/5)>5>(2/5)>2>3>2>3>5>5 or 2>5>5>3>5>3>5>3>2

Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear 2>2>5>5>2>5>2>5>(3>3/1>1/4>4)

Sorcerous Satchel 5>2>2>5>2>5>2>5>4>4 (0/4/0/2/4)

Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear 2>2>3>3>2>3>2>3>4>4 (0/4/4/2/0) for armor protection and 2>2>4>4>2>4>2>4>3>3 for shield protection