Earl Of Lemongrab
500 (+35)
Attack Damage
50 (+3)
Walk Speed
10 (+1)
Power Damage
20 (+2)
Aggro Range
35 (+3)
Attack Speed
1500 (-50)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance




When Lemongrab is hit by an enemy Champion Power, he gains a level of UNACCEPTABLE!. Each level increases the damage and STUN time of DUNGEON! by 10%. Lemongrab can only gain a level of UNACCEPTABLE! every 2 seconds and will lose a level after 6 seconds of not being hit by a Power.

  • spellCastIndicator":"NONE
  • spellRangeImage":"none
  • spellAreaImage":"none
  • spellRange":"0
  • castType":"INSTANT
  • castDelay":"0
  • spellCoolDown":"6000
  • spellGlobalCoolDown":"0
  • damage":"0
  • damageRatio":"0
  • spellArea":"2
  • spellDuration":"3100

Sound Sword

Sound Sword

Lemongrab's magical Sound Sword emits a cone of pure noise which damages (40 + 0.3 Power Damage) and SLOWS (40% for 2.5 sec.) opponents.

Cooldown: 12s (8s at lvl 10)

  • spellCastIndicator: CONE
  • spellRangeImage: none
  • spellAreaImage: arget_cone_2x4x6
  • spellRange":"6
  • castType":"AIMED
  • castDelay: 500
  • spellCoolDown: 10000
  • spellGlobalCoolDown: 750
  • damage: 40
  • damageRatio: 0.3
  • spellArea: 4
  • spellDuration: 2500

My Juice

My Juice

Lemongrab drops the Lemon Bomb! After a brief delay (1.25s) , a massive lemon drops on the targeted area. Foes caught in the outer ring are Damaged (60 + 0.4 Power Damage) and BLINDED (4 sec.). Any enemy unlucky enough to get caught in the center ring take Damage (90 + 0.6 Power Damage), are BLINDED (4 sec.) and are also SILENCED (2 sec.).

Cooldown: 10s (7s at lvl 10)

  • spellCastIndicator":"AOE
  • spellRangeImage":"target_circle_14x14
  • spellAreaImage":"target_circle_4x4_with_2x2
  • spellRange":"7
  • castType":"AIMED
  • castDelay":"1500
  • spellCoolDown":"10000
  • spellGlobalCoolDown":"1500
  • damage":"60
  • damageRatio":"0.7
  • spellArea":"2
  • spellDuration":"2000



Lemongrab summons Lemon Dungeon Cells that damage (100 + 0.3 Power Damage) enemies in the target area. Enemy Champions caught in the area are also STUNNED (2 sec.). Damage and duration of DUNGEON! is increased by 10% times Lemongrab's current level of UNACCEPTABLE! (passive).

Cooldown: 45s (35s at lvl 10)

  • spellCastIndicator: AOE
  • spellRangeImage: target_circle_12x12
  • spellAreaImage: target_circle_5x5
  • spellRange: 6
  • castType: AIMED
  • castDelay: 350
  • spellCoolDown: 45000
  • spellGlobalCoolDown: 350
  • damage: 100
  • damageRatio: 0.3
  • spellArea: 2.5
  • spellDuration: 2000

Strategy Edit

Lemongrab is a powerful tank who excels at controlling fights and allowing the team to either chase or get away from certain situations. Lemongrab's scaling is relatively weak- For this reason, it is not recommended to take a high-damage pack. Sound Sword is a great tool for making DUNGEON! easier to land, and is also useful for chasing down or running away from a target. It works well with teammates who can combo off the slow, such as Fionna. The slow lasts extremely long, but it is not recommended to use the slow for damaging an opponent.

Lemongrab as knowed to be an great wizard counter, with his high shields, making that Lemongrab dominate all matches with wizards, but almost all wizard players build attack damage, so, My Juice power and armor is in your favor.

Lemongrab should be played as a crowd control tank due to his kit. Or, if you like a high-risk/high-reward playstyle, you can take a power damage backpack to deal a lot of burst damage (do note that stacking your passive will be a bit difficult). After tanking a bit of damage in a teamfight, Lemongrab should have at least 2 stacks of UNACCEPTABLE! which should be used to lock down priority targets on the enemy team with his DUNGEON!. Ideally, a Lemongrab wants to hit everyone with 3 stacks of UNACCEPTABLE! but this can't always be the case. If possible, try to aim DUNGEON! at the enemy assasins, like Finn, Flame Princess, Gunter, and Fionna . Hitting them will stun and stop them from doing damage and allow your team to kill them quickly. Immediately after using DUNGEON!, My Juice will become very easy to hit. Under normal circumstances, it is a near impossible skillshot, but while in DUNGEON! landing the skillshot becomes much easier, and it is a powerful tool to keep assassins blinded even after DUNGEON! expires.Lemongrab can single handedly change the outcome of a fight by landing a good DUNGEON! on the enemy team, and his excellent crowd control is a good addition to any team.

Don't forget to bring earplugs.


Lemongrab 2


Skivy Lemongrab

Skivy lemongrab

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Bella Noche's Knapsack - (Movespeed/Health Regen/Tankiness/Spell breach) By far the best kit for Lemongrab. It gives him lots of tankiness while also giving him movement speed and spell breach (He doesn't scale well) Max the tote no matter what and the gauntlet if they don't have too much burst damage. Otherwise, the Robo-suit works very well to make Lemongrab tanky overall

Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear is also a great backpack for Lemongrab, having power damage and a little of attack damage at the same time, it's mostly recommended to build armor and shields on this backpack

Additionally, maxing out both cooldown reductions on the NUWW backpack turns Lemongrab into a very strong support champion. Best used with DPS teammates, teamfights are almost always won with an accurate Lemongrab. The CDR makes Lemongrab incredibly great at harassing and the added armor/shields renders him very tank-y. At max CDR, Lemongrab can use his Q every 3 seconds. Coordination is key, so make sure your teammates follow through with your engages.

Techno-Tank - 5>1>1>5>1>5>1>5>3>3 or 5>2>2>5>2>5>2>5>3>3

Meta-Science Sack - 2>2>5>5>2>5>2>5>(1>1/3>3/4>4)