Lumpy Space


350 (+35)
Attack Damage
25 (+2.5)
Walk Speed
27 (+2)
Power Damage
50 (+4)
Aggro Range
27 (+2)
Attack Speed
1600 (-50)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance
Ls pas

My Lumps (Passive)

LSP's Basic Attacks add Lumps (10 max). Lumps are consumed by Buuuumps to heal 3% of her max health for each Lump she has accumulated, up to 30%.


Buuuumps (Q)

LSP fires a lumpy beam blast that damages (10 + 0.4 Power Damage) and FEARS (2 sec.) all enemies it hits. Buuuumps also heals LSP for a percentage of her current maximum health based on My Lumps (passive).

  • Spell Cast Indicator: LINE
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Rectangle 7x15
  • Spell Range: 7
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 750
  • Spell Cool Down: 15s (12s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 1100
  • Damage: 10
  • Damage Ratio:0.4
  • Spell Area: 1.5
  • Spell Duration: 2s

Hot Bod (W)

LSP forms a super hot cloud around her bod that moves with her and damages (20 + 0.5 Power Damage/sec.) enemies caught inside.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: N/A
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 6x6
  • Spell Range: 3
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 500
  • Spell Cooldown: 12s (7s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 20
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 3
  • Spell Duration: 3s

Drama Bomb (E)

LSP winds up and throws her phone across the entire map. It hurts enemies and heals allies in its path (250 + 0.4 Power Damage), the amount is reduced by 30% on each subsequent target.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: LINE
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Rectangle 9x3
  • Spell Range: 100
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 1250
  • Spell Cooldown: 75s (30s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 1500
  • Damage: 250
  • Damage Ratio:0.4
  • Spell Area: 4
  • Spell Duration: 5s


LSP is a great pusher, able to "poke" at enemies with her basic attacks, and keeping the enemy off guard with her Q. LSP has the most movement speed out of all the champions in the entire game, with 3.15. Despite this, she is not a very good chaser. She has no moves that allow her to dash or sprint, and her Q only fears them, which is unreliable as they can run randomly. Her W Hot Bod is also useful for clearing minion waves or jungling, and for damaging any melee champion who dares to attack you. W is also useful for "screening". When activating W, the area around you is covered in purple. Then use Buuumps. Buuumps has a charge up time before the skill is activated, and there is a warning before Buuumps is activated. Hot Bod will cover most of the warning, so your opponents wont even know you have activated Buuumps. Her ultimate, Drama Bomb, can instantly change the tide of any battle. Since it heals allies and hurts teamates, using it in a team battle can instantly make your team superior to the enemy. One thing to know is that LSP's Drama Bomb has a huge charge up time. During this time the enemy may have moved. Note that if you are stunned or silenced during the carge up time, LSP's Drama Bomb will still activate. Aiming is a bit tricky. When chasing someone, always aim slightly towards the direction they are heading to ensure a hit. Finally, My Lumps are a great way to ensure staying on the battlefield without going to find health packs. I personally recommend the Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice backpack. MeMow's Dagger's bonus attack speed can let you get tons of My Lumps stack fast, while The Art of Fridjitsu's CDR can help you use Buuumps more and more, not to mention the bonus movement speed can make LSP one ultimate killing machine, while still staying in the battlefield as a very durable champion.

-Massive Lily Lemon, Bronze League





Smooth Space Princess


Lumpy Space Prince

Lumpy Space Prince

Quinciera LSP

Quinciera lsp

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Frijitsu- Ninjas of the ice (4/0/0/2/4)

Bindle of Bravery (4/0/2/0/4) For attack speed, jungling.

Billy's Bag (4/0/2/0/4) For attack speed, armor breach, regen Ice Monarch Regalia - 2>2>5>5>2>4>2>4>4>4 or 2>2>4>4>2>4>2>4>5>5 (0/4/0/4/2)

Enchanted Ensemble - 2>2>1>1>2>5>2>5>1>1