Magic Man
350 (+40)
Attack Damage
45 (+2)
Walk Speed
20 (+1)
Power Damage
25 (+3)
Aggro Range
20 (+1)
Attack Speed
1600 (-40)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance
Magic pass

Chase (Passive)

When Magic Man hits other Champions with a Basic Attack, he gets a move speed (20%) boost.


Energy Snakes

Magic Man releases 3 energy snake projectiles that damage (30 + 0.7 Power Damage) and SILENCE (1 sec.) opponents. Only 1 snake can damage any given enemy.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: CONE
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Cone 3 Arrows
  • Spell Range: 9
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 350
  • Spell Cooldown: 10s (8s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 40
  • Damage Ratio: 0.7
  • Spell Area: 5
  • Spell Duration: 1000
M w


Magic Man teleports to a target location and goes STEALTH (3 sec. or until revealed), leaving behind a decoy that will explode after a delay, doing damage (50 + 0.5 Power Damage) to enemies nearby. Magic Man can detonate the decoy early by pressing W again.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: AoE
  • Spell Range Image: Target Circle 10x10
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 2x2
  • Spell Range: 5
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay:0
  • Spell Cooldown: 25s (19s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 50
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 2.5
  • Spell Duration: 3000

Magic Away

Magic man rolls to a target location, ignoring obstacles and explodes, doing damage based on the target's current health (35% + 0.1% per point of Power Damage), reducing armor (30% for 3 sec.) and SLOWING (30% for 3 sec.) in a large area.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: AoE
  • Spell Range Image: Target Circle 16x16
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 8x8
  • Spell Range: 8
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 60s (40s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 150
  • Damage Ratio: 0.2
  • Spell Area: 4
  • Spell Duration: 2000


Magic Man is a really hard champion to play, due to his low base health, slow base movement speed, and extremely long cooldowns. Experienced players can find Magic Man to be extremely fun to play, and once mastered, you could dominate the enemy team no matter the composition.

Lets start with his passive, Chase. Chase can allow you to stick to your enemies, and can also be used to kite them. Even though the tooltip says it only procs on basic attacks, it can also proc on your spells. Chase's bonus movement speed can be a huge difference between getting that kill or having that champ escape.

Magic Man's Q, Energy Snakes, is his bread and butter ability. It has a decent PD scaling, but it has a reasonable long cooldown without CDR. Since I personally like to build Magic Man with AD and CDR as a glass cannon, this spell is only used as a utility to silence an enemy wizard, or to proc Chase when you can't reach them with basic attacks.

Magic Man's W, Eat It, is what makes Magic Man so annoying but extremely entertaining to play. I love watching people waste their ultimates on my clone. It also opens up to many juke paths, and can leave your enemies heading the wrong way. One trick I like to do is walk past a brush, and after a short distance activate W to teleport into the brush, back the way you came. No one expects you to go back the way you came, so they will be blundering around helplessly looking for you. The teleport can also help you cross some barriers, which can result in some very confused opponents. Remember to active W again to detonate it. Doing this will reveal you from your stealth though. It can sometimes be a good idea to detonate it while running away, since it can also proc Chase.

Magic Man's ultimate, Magic Away, is a powerful initiation tool, and can instantly shred more than 35% of their current health away. NEVER use this to simply escape. That's why you have W, and W shouldn't be used to initiate unless you have a clear advantage. Also never use your ult after a fight, as it deals current health, not maximum health. I have seen some players use it the chase a fleeing enemy. If you used it first when they still had full health, it would deal way more damage. Remember: this spell cannot kill an enemy by itself, so it isn't an execute like Billy's ult. It's prime usage is to initiate a teamfight. One combo is to ult in, than use W to jump away to safety, and watch your enemies freak out and focus your clone in their confusion. With some good Fighter/Ninja type Champions, like Finn, you can quickly wipe out the entire team.

When picking a backpack, you can be very versatile. I have seen some tanky Magic Mans, serving as an initiator for the entire team. I for one like to build him with AD, since He isn't as dependent on his spells like other champions, such as the Lich. Or you can stick with the meta and build PD, focusing on some CDR as well. You could try jungling with him, magic man needs help though. However, with meta science your ultimate instantly destroys more than half of Goo monster's health, and half's kee-oths health. This can really be beneficial for points, and early edges with the buffs you can give for your team.

You can also just stop moving and troll the enemy team to think that you tped out. And then when they try to attack you, that's when you use your w and get the hell out.

Now, countering Magic Man. This is not about champions that are weak or strong against Magic man, but some basic tips to help people not get killed as easily by Magic Man.

1: Something important to note is that if you look carefully at the clone Magic Man makes, it actually says Magic_Man_Clone. This way you can tell it's a clone and that the real Magic Man is somewhere else.

2: Magic Man's ult has a small range, but a large AoE damage. In other words, his roll distance is short. If you see him rolling, use a dash ability to quickly dodge it. One other thing to note. Just like Gunter's dash and Peppermint Butler's dash, Magic Man's ult can also be used to cross the terrain between the base and the middle jungle area. Beware of surprise ganks from Magic Man next to the health packs in the middle jungle area.

3: Energy Snakes only hit the first target they strike, so they standing behind minions can save you from being hit. Also, they have a slow travel time, so they can be easily dodged. At long range, you can easily dodge them by standing between the snakes.

4: This tip is extremely important. ALWAYS KEEP TRACK WHEN W IS ON COOLDOWN. Magic Man can easily dodge high priority skillshots like Lich's Charm or jump over Finn's ult. Make sure his W is on cooldown before hard engaging him.

5: Finally, remember that Magic Man's ult deals damage based on health. If you are getting beaten up by a Magic Man, focus on Shield instead of Health to minimize some of the damage he deals.

This is the end of my guide. Hope you learned something new. MAGIC AWAY!!!!

Massive Lily Lemon and Yucky Sean Garlic, Silver Tier


   Mystery Man

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Meta-Science Sack - 2/2/1/1/2/1/2/1/4/5 (4/4/0/1/1)

Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice - 2/2/1/1/2/1/2/1/5/5 (4/4/0/0/2)

Billy's Bag - 2/2/1/1/2/1/2/1 (3/3 or 5/5) (4/4/2/0/0 or 4/4/0/0/2)

Enchanted Ensemble - 2/2/1/1/2/1/2/1/ (5/5 or 4/4) (4/4/0/0/2 or 4/4/0/2/0)

Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear - 2/2/4/4/2/4/2/4/3/3 (0/4/2/4/0)

Hewer's Haversack 1/1/2/2/1/2/1/2/3/3 ((4/4/2/0/0)