400 (+35)
Attack Damage
50 (+4)
Walk Speed
10 (+1)
Power Damage
25 (+5)
Aggro Range
10 (+1)
Attack Speed
1700 (-50) 
Attack Range
HP Regen
Crit Chance

Vampire Bite (Passive Power)

Every 3rd hit ATTACK DRAINS (100%).

Regeneration (Passive Power)

Health regenerates faster when out of combat.


Shockwave (Q) 

Marceline sends out a shockwave projectile that SLOWS (15% over 1.5 sec.) and does damage (50 + 0.8 Power Damage) over time.

Dark Energy (Q)

Marceline fires a dark energy projectile that damages (50 + 0.8 Power Damage) and ROOTS (3 sec.) its target.


Blood Mist (W)

Marcy summons a blood mist aura that damages (15 + 0.6 Power Damage) nearby foes and boosts her speed (30% for 4.5 sec.).

Hunter (W)

Marcy increases her speed (40% for 4.5 sec.) and empowers her next Basic Attack with bonus Attack Damage (+100%) and ATTACK DRAIN (100%) to steal the life force of an enemy.


Transform (E)

When Marcy transforms into Vampire form she damages (100 + 0.6 Power Damage) and CHARMS (2 sec.) all nearby foes and her Attack Speed increases (100% for 3 sec.).

When Marcy transforms into Beast form, she damages (100 + 0.6 Power Damage) and FEARS (2 sec.) all nearby foes. She also clears any negative status effects and is briefly immune to them (2 sec).

Tips: Edit

  • Marceline is one of the greatest fighters with the Meta-Science Sack , due to her HUGE sustain.
  • You should never initiate in teamfights. You should be in the beast form, wait for the fight to begin and negative effects to be blown, root the enemy, drop one auto-attack and reset it with your second ability. Then, you should turn into vampire form, charming the enemies and auto-attacking them with your auto-attack boost. Building health allows you to last longer in teamfights.
  • You can easily turn around a 1vs1 situation, with your 3 auto-attack health drain and decent disables.
  • Do not be afraid to chase. Marceline is one of the best chasers, especially in her beast form. Do note though, it's hard to catch people who can dash away from your skillshot.
  • For an extensive guide on Marceline, Click here.

Counters Edit

Strong against: Edit

  • Lumpy Space Princess: She's a fairly immobile champion who relies on harassment in lane. This makes her easy to root and use your combo on, and you don't worry about harassment due to your high sustain. Your only worry should be her fear.
  • Ice King: Very easy to hit because he's very slow without his ult. Just make sure you don't get hit by his snare and you should be fine.
  • Lich: He is almost like Ice King except he's charm is more effective and his speed buff doesn't make him any harder to chase.
  • Finn:Since Finn is a fighter,too.So here is the strategy: Use Marceline(Vampire)to get near him,use Q and W.Just hit him (notice that you have to hit and run because Finn has a passive that does damage on the same enemy).And just hit him until your health bar is below 50%.Now use your E in order to do explode damage and use W to boost your speed and RUN!!!Run until your health regenerates to a fixed level.When you are done, turn back and DESTROY HIM(p.s:this strategy is effective against many champions,not just Finn,believe me,I tried.)  Note, however that his W or E has the potential to ruin your escape and quickly turn the tides.

Weak against: Edit

  • Jake: Extreme counter to Marceline. He is a tanky enough to resist your full combo. Plus, his hard CC makes it hard for you to hit him, and your Shockwave/Dark Energy is useless when he uses his ult, which you can't run away from.  If you are running away, your only hope to escape is to escape his grab.
  • Rattleballs: Very mobile champion who can jump away from your skillshot and charm. When you snare him, he can use his "Sword Stuff" to damage you while being rooted. Plus, if he uses his Shadowless Thrust, he can counter your Blood Mist/Hunter with a critical, nullifying your main source of damage.
  • Flame Princess: It's very hard to dodge her spells with only a speed buff (and not a dash), and when you root her, she can still use her spells and even her ult so you can't get in range.


Marshall Lee


Young Marcy

Young marcy

Mohawk Marcy

Mohawk marcy


Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear -  2>2>1>1>2>2>1>1>5>5 or 2>5>2>5>2>5>2>5>1>1

Meta-Science Sack - 1>1>5>5>1>2>1>2>2>2

Vampire Rocker Gear - 2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>5>5 

Bindle of Bravery 2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>5>5