Introduction Edit

Hello, I am Massive Lily Lemon, Gold Tier. In addition to Battle Party, I am also a silver 5 in League of Legends. Both games are MOBAs, which stands for Massive Online Battle Arena. In all these games, they have some kind of base, towers, heroes or champions, and minions. Here are some basic and advanced tips and strategies to win and beat your opponents.

Basics Edit

Basic knowledge for any MOBAs.

Crowd Control Edit

Crowd Control, or CC for short, are anything that can cripple or disable your movement, spells, or damage. Here is a list of all CC in the game and what they do.

Slows- Reduces movement

Roots- Cripples movement, so you can't move at all. Can still attack and use spells that don't cause you to move.

Stuns- Cripples movement, so you can't move at all. Can't attack or cast spells

Blind- Causes all basic attacks to deal no damage

Silence-Can't cast spells.

Fear- Causes your champion to run around randomly. Can't issue move commands, attack, or cast spells.

Charm- Causes your champion to run towards the enemy who charmed you. Can't issue move commands, attack, or cast spells.

Knockbacks- Knock you back a certain distance. Can't move, attack, or cast spells while being knocked back.

Crowd control can vary by duration and intensity ( How powerful it is, for example, a slow that slows 10% has less intensity than a slow that slows 90%)

Types of Champions Edit

In Battle Party, knowing which type of champion your using and what it does is important to figure out which backpack synergizes best with that specific champion. Backpacks may vary depending on your style.

Ninjas: Otherwise known as assassins. Able to chase down and kill champions effectively. They are semi low in HP

Fighters: Well rounded champions, able to dish out Physical Damage and mild HP

Wizards: Relatively low HP, but able to churn out high Magic Damage.

Trappers/Sappers: Able to zone out enemies, and also deal out a high Damage per Second (DPS)

Jinxer: Has high amounts of CC

Tank: Able to soak in a lot of damage

Note: Zoning means creating an area on the battlefield in which your opponents might be scared to enter. This can be done by using spells that target a certain area, or gathering more teammates together to frighten the enemy champs.

Basic Strategies Edit

  1. Usually, at the beginning of a battle, all players on both sides will rush towards the alter in the middle, as it gives 15 crystals and a damage boost. This is usually where the first team fight starts and can often decide the flow of the battle. Killing all three champions while losing none will certainly put you ahead, so it is best to plan strategically. This will be explained in advanced strategies, but one trick, if you and your teammates agree, is to capture your defensive altar, and their defensive altar. You get 20 crystals instead and a defensive buff, while they get 15 crystals and an offensive buff.
  2. Its best to, after capturing an altar or coming back from being dead, to with your teammates, clear the jungle camps on your side. This will give your team an early crystal advantage and give some XP as well.
  3. Usually all players will just roam, unlike in League, so be wary if you are all alone, away from your teammates, in a vulnerable position.
  4. It is important to prioritize which champions to kill in a fight. Gunter and Flame Princess are both high damage champions, so killing them first will prevent them from taking out your team.
  5. Remember, wizards deal magic, fighters deal physical, so know when to build armor and when to build shields. Usually after some armor and shields, it's better to build health.
  6. When fighting Goo Monster or Kee'oth, make sure that the enemy is distracted so that they don't wander by, spot you, kill you, and take the objective. Distractions can be an enemy turret being attacked, some teammates trying to bait enemies, or altars.
  7. Buffs go away when you die.
  8. Most dashes can go through most walls.
  9. Make uses of the health packs. Give them to the most injured champs since the massice health regen afterwards really helps them get back to full HP. If you see an enemy champ try to take one, you can steal it if it won't put you in an awkward position. For example, seeing a Finn taking it, and, being a Gunter, you Q in to steal it. Finn pops his ult, and you are pretty much dead.

Advanced Tips Edit

  1. As promised, teamfights. Tanks or certain champions can initiate for the team. Jake, Lemongrab, Lich, Ice King, Marceline, Magic Man, Peppermint Butler, and Finn are great initiators. For Jake, an accurate Q and a W knock back can set up a quick kill for your high damage dealer ( Carry) such as Gunter. Lemongrab, an accurate Ult can set up easy kills for your team. Lich, a charm, Ice King, a Q, and Marceline, a root in Beast form, follow with charm from transform. Magic Man, just ult. Peppermint Butler, a W. Finn, dash in with W, and Ult. After the intiator enters, a champion with great damage output and isn't squishy. Billy, Marcenlines Dad ( forgot his name), Beemo, LSP, Cinnamon Bun, and Peppermint Butler, can all be used to follow up with cc and damage. And, from away, we have the carries, constantly dealing damage to pester the enemy team. Gunter, Flame Princess, Lich, Ice King, and Princess Bubblegum can deal tons of damage. Some important things to note are: If the initiator dies before the second champion comes in, you are screwed. If the enemy team intiates on you, and you focus the tank instead of the carry, you are screwed. If your carry dies, you are screwed. Thus, teamwork is an important aspect. Never focus the tank, focus the carry, and work together to win.
  2. Clever postioning is also helpful. Starting a teamfight next to your turrets can turn the tide in your favor. Capturing buffs and/or altars can also give you and advantage in teamfights.
  3. While running away, try to move left and right unpredictably to help dodge CC spells. Cause remember, if they land, you are dead. You can't dodge basic attacks, but the range of them are shorter than the range of most spells.
  4. Thus, while chasing, try to predict enemy movement. This way you can score a kill, or at least hurt them even more.
  5. When running away, try not to run next to a wall. If you do, you will be more vulnerable since it gives you only two directions to run ( Foward, and the way opposite of the wall). This way, enemies can hit you more easily.
  6. Be aware of brushes. Don't run in unless you are sure there isn't anyone inside. Use some spells to check to see if there is anyone.