Neptr Portrait
375 (+25)
Attack Damage
35 (+5)
Walk Speed
15 (+2)
Power Damage
35 (+4)
Aggro Range
15 (+2)
Attack Speed
1500 (-40)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance
File:Hide n Seek.png

Hide 'n Seek (Passive)-

Entering Brush gives NEPTR +35% Move Speed and +25% Attack Speed for a brief(?) time.

File:BoomMerringue Pie.png

BoomMerringue Pie (Q) -

NEPTR throws a projectile that passes through enemies doing damage (35 + medium Power Damage) that decreases for each enemy hit. Pauses at max range, resets damage reduction and returns to NEPTR,

Cooldown: Xs (Xs at lvl 10)

File:Shoofly Pie Mines.png

Shoofly Pie Mines (W) -

Places a pie mine at target location until an enemy gets too close the mine activates and after a brief delay, explodes causing area damage (75 + low(?) Power Damage) and SLOW (duration?). Can have up to 3 mines placed at any one time (duration?).

Cooldown: Xs (Xs at lvl 10)

File:Pie to the Face.png

Pie to the Face (E) -'

Short range AoE that will KNOCKBACK & SILENCE foes for 1 seconds and do damage over time (40 + 0.5) damage per second for 3 second.

Cooldown: Xs (Xs at lvl 10)


Neptr is a good jungler and ganker. His passive not only makes him very advantageous in situations, but also allows him to move around the jungle quickly from camp to camp because of the speed boost he gets from going into a bush.  His W is a guaranteed hit on jungle creeps and his Q can do the rest. Neptr's Q is extremely effective at discouraging enemies and putting a lot of damage. Neptr's W is also very efficient in trapping enemies. Put pie mines in the brush in the jungle or hot spots the enemy will use. As they try to hide in the brush your pie mine will explode revealing their presence. Your W is also good to keep enemies at bay if your team mates are threatened, as pie mines slow. If you need to escape as well, simply use your passive. Upgrading power damage is key for neptr. High power damage can suppress enemies in the jungle and fighting. Neptr's ult can be used to finish off a champion (or more) dealing a massive DoT.  His ult can also be used to shove an enemy into the range of a turret.  However, his ult can help and hinder a team. Just like Jake's W it can be used to push enemies away, knock them towards your teammates or just to do damage. It is also a great ganking tool, silencing enemies and wombo combo with your W and Q. I personally don't like AD but is still an option.


Bindle of Bravery 2>2>1>5>2>5>2>5>5>4

NUWW 2>3/4>2>3/4>2>3/4>2>3/4>1>1

Ice Monarch Regalia 2>4>2>4>2>4>2>4>1>1

Bella Noche 2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>5>5

Champion's 2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>5>5

Hewer's Haversack 1>5>1>5>1>5>1>5>2>2

Sorcerous Satchel ( 0/4/2/0/4/) 4 in Magic wand, 2 in Zeldron, and 4 in Glasses

-Yucky Sean Garlic

- Barbaric Johnny Firefly