400 (+50)
Attack Damage
50 (+5)
Walk Speed
10 (+1)
Power Damage
25 (+3)
Aggro Range
10 (+1)
Attack Speed
1500 (-60)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance
P pass

Burrowing (Passive)

Peppermint Butler can stand still for 2 seconds to go STEALTH. The power lasts until he moves, attacks, or takes damage.  He gains bonus healing  while STEALTHED (2%/sec.).

P q

Minty Aura (Q)

Peppermint Butler exudes a dense, minty fog for 5 seconds that damages (20 + 0.2 Power Damage/sec.) and BLINDS any foes in its area.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: N/A
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 6x6
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 15s (13s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 0
  • Damage: 20
  • Damage Ratio: 0.2
  • Spell Area: 3
  • Spell Duration: 5s
P w

You Rang? (W)

Peppermint Butler dives underground and quickly tunnels to his target location; exploding upward, he damages (50 + 0.5 Power Damage) and STUNS (1.5 sec.) nearby foes.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: AoE
  • Spell Range Image: Target Circle 14x14
  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 5x5
  • Spell Range: 7
  • Cast Type: AIMED
  • Cast Delay: 500
  • Spell Cooldown: 15s (13s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 500
  • Damage: 50
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 2.5
  • Spell Duration: 1.5s

Sense Evil (E)

Peppermint Butler uses dark magic to REVEAL hidden foes and becomes a feral fighting machine for 7 seconds. He gains increased Move Speed (40%), Attack Speed (30%), and Attack Damage (30%).

  • Spell Cast Indicator: N/A
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: N/A
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Spell Cooldown: 40s (25s at lvl 10)
  • Damage: 0
  • Damage Ratio: 0
  • Spell Duration: 7s


With Pepbut, you mostly want to use Meta-Science Sack and hard farm the jungle, obviously ganking unsuspecting enemies when you can. When sneak attacking, W onto them for the stun, Q so they can't retaliate and auto them to death, if they are getting away pop your ult and hunt them down.

Worth noting that you can solo Goomonster at level 3 with Pepbut, just pop your ult and hammer away. Move away from his attack that is signaled by a circle appearing on the ground, and when your ult runs out just stun him and Q, and proceed auto'ing. You can also solo Kee-oth at 6 using the same strategy.

PepBut is less commonly used in lanes, stronger in 1v1 lanes rather than 2v2 lanes because of his trading potential a along with low AOE damage. Use Billy's Bag, Techno-Tank, or other common bruiser bags. PepBut is really strong at trading with melee characters due to his highly under-rated blind. Gap close with your stun (or save it for later), pop your ult and mist, dealing tons of damage while they do none to you.

PepBut is rather weak in teamfights due to his low damage to different targets. It's best to stay in the back, intitiate with your stun if you have to, and chase them down with your ult when they run away. Also note that he is fairly weak when falling behind. Although you still do a lot of damage with your ult, falling behind prevents you from getting your defensive stats, making you easy to get chunked. PepBut is also fairly weak against wizards because his blind is not as useful and it's hard for him to get in range without his stun.

You Rang? (W) Can also be used as a shortcut from base to the center altar or jungle: go right between the two health pickups close to the wall and aim as close to the other side as possible. Peppermint Butler will slide the extra distance, popping out at the other side. Can be used to get back into base as well. This synergies with Gunter as you can both rush to the center altar before the enemy team.

Skins Edit

Xmas Sweater Pep


Zombie Butler

Zombie butler

Recommended Backpacks Edit

These backpacks are user-submitted and may or may not be the best choice.

Billy's Bag - 1>1>3>3>1>5>1>5>(3>3/5>5)

Meta-Science Sack - 1>1>5>5>1>2>1>2>2>2 or 1>1>2>2>5>2>5>2>5>5

Vampire Rocker Gear - 1>4>4>1>1>(4/5)>1>(4/5)>(4/5)>(4/5)

Fridjitsu: Ninjas of the Ice - 1>2>1>2>1>2>1>2>3>3 4/4/0/0/2

NUWW (0/4/2/4/0) or (0/4/4/2/0)

Candy Monarch Regalia - 2/4/0/4/0