350 (+50)
Attack Damage
35 (+3)
Walk Speed
15 (+1)
Power Damage
60 (+3)
Aggro Range
25 (+1)
Attack Speed
1500 (-50)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance


Sticky Sweet (Passive)

PB's Basic Attacks gum up enemies, causing them to attack slower (25% for 3 sec.). This effect can stack up to 4 times.


Gumdrop Potion

PB lobs a scientific potion at a target location, creating a puddle that does damage (5 + 0.5 Power Damage/sec.) and SLOWS (30% for 2 sec.) foes in the area.  Entering the area gives PB a Move Speed (40% for 2 sec.) boost.  The puddle lasts for 3 seconds.


Candy Turrets

PB drops candy-powered turrets (2 max) that blasts enemies (10 + Attack Damage/shot), prioritizing enemy Champions.  Each Candy Turret lasts for 30 seconds or until it is destroyed or PB is KO'ed.  Candy Turret damage and health scale with PB's.


Cherry Boom

PB plants a bomb that she can trigger by pressing E again or will explode on its own after 4 seconds.   When set off, an explosive blast will damage (125 + 0.8 Power Damage) and KNOCKBACK enemies away from the bomb.  If PB is in the area, the KNOCKBACK will also affect her


For unknown terms, check

During the rush for the middle altar at the start of the game, you can drop all three of your spells on the altar. This will severely weaken the enemies and make capturing it much easier.

The Cherry Bomb is very helpful when you need to escape ,but you also be careful when using Cherry Boom, as the knockback might push an enemy to safety or knock you out of range, costing you a chance to KO them.

You can jungle effectively by using your turrets to soak up the damage while your sit back and attack from a distance. Don't forget to kite the monsters as they will try to attack you.

Another good jungling technique is to place your Gumdrop Potion under the monsters while the radius of the Gumdrop Potion is inside the range of your turrets. This way, the monsters are taking a lot of damage fast.

She is good against fighters and melees because she can place a her candy turret so if fighter attacks, you will do double damage.

Another champion playing with you is good, since you are both a trapper and a jinxer you can support a fighter or a tank to easily win 2v2s or 3v3s.


Princess Bubble Gum actually has no hard counters.

Strong against:Edit

  • Ice King: Since your power to keep enemies in one place is great and Ice King is squishy, you can melt him with your Gumdrop Potion and Candy Turrets.
  • Magic Man: If you catch him without his teleport, he is easy to kill with the Cherry Boom.
  • Beemo: Beemo is fast, so if you land your Gumdraop Potion correctly, you can shut him down.

Weak against:Edit

  • Billy: A great harrasser, billy can shut you down with his leap and Nothung abilities.
  • Peppermint Butler: His stun is probably one of the best initiation skills in the game and his blind will render your passive almost useless.

Skins Edit

Parka Peebles

PB Parka

Prince Gumball

PB prince

Too Young Bubblegum

Too young bubblegum

    Warrior PB

Warrior PB

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Champion's Backpack 1/1/2/2/1/2/1/2/5/5 (4/4/0/0/2) or 2/2/5/5/2/5/2/5/4/4 (0/4/0/2/4)

Bella Noche's Knapsack 1/1/3/3/1/3/1/3/5/5 (4/0/4/0/2) or 1/1/5/5/1/5/1/5/3/3 (4/0/2/0/4)

[[Billy's Bag (2/2/5/5/2/5/2/5/3/3 (0/4/2/0/4) (4/3/2/0/1

Enchanted Ensemble (4/4/*/*/*) last 2 points can go wherever depending on situation

Hewer's Haversack (4/0/2/0/4) Edit