Sir Rattleballs
425 (+35)
Attack Damage
50 (+5)
Walk Speed
25 (+1)
Power Damage
15 (+2)
Aggro Range
20 (+1)
Attack Speed
1300 (-50)
Attack Range
HP Regen
2 (+1)
Crit Chance

Dodge, Parry

For 3 seconds after using a Power, Rattleballs' next 2 Basic Attacks will heal him for 50% percentage of the damage he deals.

  • Spell Cast Indicator: N/A
  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • Spell Area Image: N/A
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 5s
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 0
  • Damage: 50
  • DamageRatio: 0.5
  • SpellArea: 0
  • SpellDuration: 5s

Shadowless Thrust

Rattleballs dashes into Counter Stance.  In Counter Stance, one of three things can happen:  1. If hit by a Basic Attack he will Counter Attack, taking no damage and dealing a Crit Attack to his attacker.  2:  If not attacked for 1.5 seconds, he will Spin Attack (75 + 0.5 Power Damage) nearby foes.  3:  Press Q again to Dash Attack damaging (50 + 0.5 Power Damage) foes in his path.

  • Spell Area Image: Target Rectangle 5x2
  • Spell Range: 4
  • Cast Delay: 0
  • Spell Cooldown: 12s (10s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 0
  • Damage: 50
  • Damage Ratio: 0.5
  • Spell Area: 2
  • Spell Duration: 1.5s
  • Multicast: True

Dust Storm

Rattleballs' awesome sword powers deal damage (75 + 0.4 Power Damage) in a large area and PULLS any opponents in range toward him.

  • Spell Area Image: Target Circle 10x10
  • Spell Range: 0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: .5s
  • Spell CoolDown: 16s (14s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: .5s
  • Damage: 75
  • Damage Ratio: 0.4
  • Spell Area: 5
  • Spell Duration: .5s

The Sword Stuff

Rattleballs pulls a sweet blade spinning move that repeatedly damages all nearby foes (70 + 0.7 Power Damage/sec.) and gaining a small increase to his own movement while active (10% for 3.5 sec.). He can press E again to cancel the power, returning his move speed to normal.

  • Spell Range Image: N/A
  • SpellArea Image: Target Circle 4x4
  • Spell Range:0
  • Cast Type: INSTANT
  • Cast Delay: 1s
  • Spell Cooldown: 60s (50s at lvl 10)
  • Spell Global Cooldown: 3s
  • Damage: 75
  • Damage Ratio: 0.7
  • Spell Area: 2
  • Spell Duration: 3.5s
  • Multicast: True

Strategy Edit

Rattleballs is a unique champion. Unlike other Attack Damage Champions like Fiora or Finn, who build attack attack damage and attack speed and no power damage, Rattleballs requires some power damage and cooldown reduction to be effective. As a result, I recommend Hewers Haysack, going with a 4/4/2/0/0, with an early point in Battle Moon.

Rattleballs is a great duelist and assassin, able to stick to his targets with ease and enough sustain to survive tough situations. With enough mastery, you will be able to avoid insane amounts of damage while dealing tons of your own.

Lets start with his Passive, Dodge, Parry. This gives Rattleballs plenty of sustain in fights. Your next two attacks will heal you for 50% of the damage dealt, meaning if you land two successful basic attacks, you heal for 100% of your health (Exception with crits). This ability can help you survive situations in which otherwise will result in your death. Building Attack Damage is a good idea to maximize your heal, and Cooldown Reduction(CDR) will help you heal more often. Remember to auto attack between spells otherwise you will waste Dodge, Parry stacks.

Rattleballs Q is what gives him so much versatility. It can be used for escaping, chasing, and dueling. Let start with escaping. It does have a fairly long range with its two dashes, and both dashes can be used to pass through walls. Use the double dashes to your advantage by doing this simple juke: Dash past a wall. Wait for an opponent to use his dash to chase you (Example: Gunter's Q), then use the second dash to go past the wall again, leaving your opponent on the other side. Chasing is basically the same. Utilize the double dash, by dodging a crucial ability (Example: Flame Princess's W) with the first dash, then chasing on with the second. While dueling a ranged, its really easy to proc the counter since ranged basic attacks travel slow. It helps since once a ranged champ attacks, they can't stop their auto attacks. Melee champs can see you use Q and enter counterstance, so they might back off. If they do, use the dash. Usually while fighting melees use the ability right where your standing, so it looks like you did nothing. I see no point in using the spin damage except for clearing jungle camps or minion waves.

Duststorm, Rattleballs W, is great for large groups of enemies. Unless you build some power damage, it deals pratically no damage, and instead, can be used as a utility spell to cancel channeled spells (Example: Gunter's E) or for chasing. A neat little combo for chasing is Q after them so your in range for W, then use W to pull them in, then pop your ult to deal damage to your opponents. Dueling, use it whenever possible to get some Dodge, Parry stacks.

Rattleballs Ult, The Sword Stuff, deals great damage early, but falls off later unless you have some Power damage. It churns out great DPS, and gives you 10% more movement speed. If you build no power damage, this spell deals less damage than if you used your basic attacks. It also has a pretty lengthy cooldown. It can, unlike Jake's ult, be interrupted by hard crowd control, like silences. Make sure enemy disabling spells are used up before ulting. The 10% bonus movement speed can also be used to escape, however, use it as a last resort.

As I mentioned before, experienced Rattleball players can seriously negate huge amounts of damage. Here are some basic tips that I may or may not have mentioned before.

1: Focus on Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Attack Speed, and a little bit of Power Damage for maximum dueling potential. Attack Vamp is also helpful.

2: While dueling, move around. Most of the crowd control effects in this game are skill shots or require aiming. Moving in an unpredictable pattern will help you dodge most of those abilities. Q can also help dodge them.

3: If fighting against a champion with channeled abilities, like Marceline, W will throw them off. Save W when fighting champs with spells like that.

4: Autoattack between spells!!

5: Enemies will most likely collapse on you when they know Q is on cooldown.

6: You can block Marcelines W in vampire form, to cancel her heal, you can also block a turret shot, but you cannot block the burn on Flame Princess's passive.

Thank you for reading this guide

Good Luck! Massive Lily Lemon, Gold Tier


Cloaked Rattleballs


Spi-do-tron Rattleballs

Spidotron rattleballs

Recommended Backpacks Edit

Meta-Science Sack is good as Rattleballs is a great jungler, Unfortunately it leaves him lacking quite a bit in combat, especially after its nerf, take this back pack if you plan to jungle hard.

Billy's bag - 4 in sword, 2 in book, 4 in The gaunlet or whatever you prefer, the lass two points can go anywhere depending on your situation.

Bella Noche's Knapsack - Bella Noche's great offensive as well as defensive options gives Rattleballs exactly what he needs when building hybrid (4/4/0/0/2) in the form of very high AD and excellent shield breach while giving him options to build defensively as his health pool is lower than the other fighters.

Techno-Tank - Moderate offensive stats with multiple strong defensive stats. Syngergizes well with his kit.

Background Edit

Sir RattleBalls (formerly known as Rattleballs), first appeared in the episode "Rattleballs". He meets Finn and after a string of events, proceeds to train Finn. In the early days of the Candy Kingdom, He was a police robot programmed to fight and beat criminals. There perfection in clearing the bad guys lead to their demise as Princess Bubblegum started to dismantle them since she didn't need them anymore. Rattleballs was able to defy orders and escape unnoticed.