Overview Edit

If you are playing with a team of three and have better communication than just the ingame chat, you have a huge advantage over a team of three random players. This guide will show you how to use Finn, Ice King, and Jake to win almost every game.

This guide is a work in progress by Pluto258. Please do not vandalize.

Roles Edit

Tank: This is Jake's role. His job is to keep pressure on a lane, with a focus of staying in the fight as long as possible, and be able to destroy the turret when Finn comes to help.  Take Bella Notch's Backpack, due to its tanky stats.

Wizard:  This is Ice King's role.  He should also keep pressure on a lane, with a focus of getting a kill at the cost of having to retreat, and have the lane's turret ready to kill when Finn comes to help.  Take Nearly Ultimate Wizard Weae, due to its superior magic damage.

Jungler:  This is Finn's role.  He should kill jungle mobs, gank enemies, and help push a turret when possible.  The laners, Jake and IK, should communicate when they have set up a lane for an easy gank.  Take Bindle of Bravery due to its bonus attack damage on monsters and attack speed.

Beginning of GameEdit

Use Jake to take the altar on your side of the map, Finn and Ice King should go try to capture middle altar.  Have Finn stand on the altar, while Ice King hides in the bush and is able to launch his powers to take out enemies.  After Jake completes the capture of your altar, he should also come up to the mdidle altar.  After that is done, use Jake on top lane and Ice King on bot.  Once Goo Monster spawns, use Finn and Jake to kill it.

Ad BP Start

Starting positions. Used with permission from


Jake: Bella Noche's Knapsack .  Normal sequencing:

Level 1 2 3 4
Finn's Golden Sword X
Gauntlet of the Hero
Robo Suit X X
Anti-Magic Cube
Anti-Gravity Tote Chamber X

This gives you tanky stats of health and armor.  If enemy team has a lot of magic damage, points should be put into Anti-Magic Cube instead of Anti-Gravity Tote Chamber or Robo Suit.

Ice King:  

Finn: Bindle of Bravery.  Normal Sequencing:

Mid GameEdit

Your primary objective is to get a turret.  This gives you 50 points and causes that lane to have super minions spawning in it.  It doesn't matter if it's top or bot, just pick the lane that Finn can easily gank, and jump in kill the opponent, then kill the turret.