Deal lots of power damage to your enemies, but it also minus your attack range a little bit.  Good regeneration and helps gain EXP faster, shield breach.

  • PROs: Prowers, Cooldown, Regen.
  • CONs: Health, Defenses, Attack.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


Eyeball Whip - Lash your foes with this whip of eyeballs. Eyes all in a line .. like an eye queue?

  • Attack Damage (10/20/30/50)
  • Power Damage (10/20/30/50)
  • Attack Range (-10%/-20%/-30%/-35%)

Magic Wand -  A compact and potent magic wand.

  • Power Damage (20/50/100/200)

Armor of Zeldron - Good protective wear with wings. Looks a little sily on some people, though.

  • Armor (10/20/30/50)
  • Speed (.10/.15/.20/.30)

Flame Cloak - A cloak of pure flame to protect you and discourage your foes!

  • Shields (10/20/30/50)
  • Shield Breach (10/20/30/50)

Glasses of Nerdicon - These glasses enhance one's mental speed and learning capacity ... at the cost of just a little santity.

  • Regenerate (2/4/6/8)
  • Cooldown (5%/10%/15%/20%)
  • Additional EXP (Gain EXP faster)

Adorable Jake Hologram-2nd Tier