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I know what you're thinking. This game is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to tier. If you think about it, dont be innapropiate, like the previous person who touched this. Everyone has a skill level, so the higher the tier, easier to use. Not in power, or opness. Ok? Here we go.

S Tier Edit

Finn. Easy to use, and at the same time used correctly, can be godly.

Jake. A bit harder, and a godly tank. Is vulnerable to heavily loaded players. (Looking at Ice K and Fionna here.)

A Tier Edit

Fionna. A GOD. Is ok to use, has a few weaks BUT is incredibly op with her Fearless and Fierce. Healing? YEP. Would be D Tier if she didn't have these abilities, as she has INCREDIBLY low base stats.

Yeah... no more here.

B Tier Edit

C Tier Edit

Marceline. Hard to use, but in the right

D Tier Edit

HUBADEER. So hard to use, and is incredibly weak. Makes up for quick skill regen.

LICH/BILLY. Even. Billy is hard to use due to skills, and Lich because of his confusing playstyle of a person who uses skill.

(By the way, soloQ is a solo match queue.

Champion and Backpack selection phase Edit

Foreword Edit

One can win a soloQ match in various ways, but the most obvious and reliable method involves the collaboration of three random players; each controlling one champion. One never knows what to expect of a match, hence a versatile and reliable team composition is often required. Each player is expected to show a minimum aptitude with the champion he picks, and availability to make up for his team's shortcomings while allowing them to make up for his own.

Team composition Edit

The widely accepted team compositions are compromised of either one Ninja/Wizard and two Fighters or two Ninjas/Wizards and one Fighter. The team must also have at least one champion with jungle camp clearing capabilities. Variety between Power and attack Damage is usually beneficial. A Trapper or a Jinxer are usually a good addition since they allow your team to capitalize on the opponents mistakes more reliably due to their catch and displacement/lockdown potential.

A team that doesn't have this composition can still be effective, but their effectiveness will be more reliant on the opposing team's movement, backpack and champion decisions. Usage of only Ninjas and Wizards is dangerous due to how fragile your team is and how vulnerable you will be to AOE due to not having a normal Ranged/Melee disparity. Likewise, a team of fighters will have the same AOE vulnerability and will have a hard time sieging and damaging a well structured team.

Communicate in champ select and learn to play a minimum amount of four champions of varied roles. Balance your comfort playing the champion with it's usefulness in your team composition.

Backpack selection Edit