Current tier system

Tiers Edit

The current four tier Elo system.

Tiers are Adventure Time Battle Party's method for pitting players against opponents of similar skill, used in conjunction with the Elo rating system to place players in the appropriate tier. There are four named tiers in the game, as pictured to the right, themselves divided into sub-tiers. Note, however, that sub-tiers don't affect who you will be matched up against, they only serve to indicate your general progress to the next tier, as represented by a medal icon next to your username.

Every player has an Elo score tied to their account; it is updated every time the player finishes a match and tries to determine the most appropriate tier for them judging from their match history. The amount gained or lost depends on both of your Elo score and your opponents' Elo score; a detailed explanation of its mechanics is provided here.

If a player quits a match before it is completed, they will receive an overall penalty to their Elo score. The player can then get rid of this penalty if they play several consecutive matches without quitting. This might change in a future patch, as is being discussed here.

Tier CutoffsEdit

TX/Y Represents Tier X with Y badges filled in and the score following is the minimum elo required for that tier.

T4/4 2000

T4/3 1925

T4/2 1850

T4/1 1775

T4/0 1700

T3/3 1625

T3/2 1550

T3/1 1475

T3/0 1400

T2/2 1325

T2/1 1250

T2/0 1175

T1/1 1100

T1/0 <1100


  • Winning by forfeit in under a minute will earn 30% of the calculated Elo. Forfeits after 1 minute will award the full Elo amount.