Hello there, if your reading this then you are a magic man player, who wants to be the best in all tiers, especially the higher ones. Well lucky for you, i have been in all tiers (now purple crystal) and I have a lot of advice! However, I will cut small pieces of the regular MM guide, which I feel is spot-on.

Strategy Edit

"Lets start with his passive, Chase. Chase can allow you to stick to your enemies, and can also be used to kite them. Even though the tooltip says it only procs on basic attacks, it can also proc on your spells. Chase's bonus movement speed can be a huge difference between getting that kill or having that champ escape." Adding to this, Chase gives a 20% speed boost... based on the movement speed MM has currently! That means if you upgrade movement speed, it takes 20% of that current speed boost and adds it to your original speed! MM seems overpowered already huh?

"Magic Man's Q, Energy Snakes, is his bread and butter ability. It has a decent PD scaling, but it has a reasonable long cooldown without CDR. This spell is only used as a utility to silence an enemy wizard,or to proc Chase when you can't reach them with basic attacks."

I personally like building MM with very high AD with defensive trinkets, because power damage won't affect a lot. Since energy snakes is a utility spell, your W is for TPing out, and your E has a pd scaling of 0.1, pd doesn't really help you. If you noticed, MM's Magic Away shreds instantly 35% of targets health, ALWAYS. (See the 3rd paragraph below for more info about his E) 

"Magic Man's W, Eat It, is what makes Magic Man so annoying but extremely entertaining to play. I love watching people waste their ultimates on my clone. It also opens up to many juke paths, and can leave your enemies heading the wrong way. One trick I like to do is walk past a brush, and after a short distance activate W to teleport into the brush, back the way you came. No one expects you to go back the way you came, so they will be blundering around helplessly looking for you. The teleport can also help you cross some barriers, which can result in some very confused opponents. Remember to active W again to detonate it. Doing this will reveal you from your stealth though. It can sometimes be a good idea to detonate it while running away, since it can also proc Chase."

MM's W is the heart of MM. As the guide says, it is a very good spell for chasing, fleeing, but it forgot to say even tping behind enemy towers. If you walk right into the tower (the second the red flash comes) and do your W, you can tp fully out of the tower. This is very useful for enemies thinking they are safe behind towers.

"Magic Man's ultimate, Magic Away, is a powerful initiation tool, and can instantly shred more than 35% of their current health away. NEVER use this to simply escape. That's why you have W, and W shouldn't be used to initiate unless you have a clear advantage. You can look like you are TPing toward your home but tp through a wall and hide in brush for sometime. It is also good to know that your Magic Away can go through the space between jungle and towers such as gunter's and Pep But's dash. Your E isn't as effective to use your ult after a fight, as it deals current health, not maximum health. However, it can be used to chase a fleeing enemy. If you used it first when they still had full health, it would deal way more damage. Remember: this spell cannot kill an enemy by itself, so it isn't an execute like Billy's ult. It's prime usage is to initiate a teamfight. One combo is to ult in, than use W to jump away to safety, and watch your enemies freak out and focus your clone in their confusion. With some good Fighter/Ninja type Champions, like Finn, you can quickly wipe out the entire team."

Attributes Edit

Now its time to list MM's attributes... all of them!

Con: MM has pretty low health, long cooldowns, low base speed, terrible jungler, terrible laner, and terrible 


Pros: MM has incredible damage potential, with his ult that does not require any PD to be strong, his chase and flee potential with Chase and Eat it, and his silence from energy snakes. MM isn't reliant on his spells as much as other wizards, and is a very good player hunter. 

Choosing a backpack Edit

Now choosing a backpack... honestly it took me forever to find the perfect backpack, because I wasn't looking properly.

You want a backpack with very high AD, and a defensive trinket. You do NOT need PD. CDR is nice, but not necessary, but you could still look for that. For the defensive trinket, you could do armor, shields, or health. However, do you remember how MM's chase gives you a speed buff based on 20% of CURRENT speed? Upgrading speed could make MM nearly impossible to be caught, and nearly impossible to flee from him... MM has a low health, you need health to be sufficient. Regeneration could also be useful as an addition.

So what are you thinking of now? Probably Billy's Bag, Champion's backpack or Bella Noche's knapsack. 

In Billy you could gain decent AD, weak Armor breach, Attack Speed, decent health, and a small crit chance.

1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>3>3 (4/0/2/0/4) OR 1>1>3>3>1>3>1>3>5>5 (4/0/4/0/2)

In Champion's backpack you could gain very good AD, but be stuck with single, great stats. Not a lot of diversity there, although you could gain MASSIVE health.

1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>3>3 (4/0/2/0/4)

Now for my favorite, overpowered backpack that makes MM a beast...Bella Noche!

You gain very good AD, and now here is where it gets interesting with defensive variety. You can upgrade the anti- Gravity Tote chamber for speed, (which makes you so incredibly fast and overpowered) you get the health you need, and even regen which is nice. Only if the enemy team seems way to strong, you can upgrade Robo- Suit to gain defense against that, but i still recommend at least one point in the tote chamber early in game. Know that the anti-magic cube is a strong defense against wizards, and since pd doesn't affect you, you don't lose anything by losing pd.

1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>3>3 (4/0/2/0/4) for ultimate MM OR 1>1>5>3>3>1>3>1>3>5 (4/0/4/0/2) OR 1>1>5>4>4>1>4>1>4>5 (4/0/0/4/2) (last 2 variations) for super defensive MM.

Hope you learned something new! 


Barbaric Johnny Firefly