Hi! I'm Odd Kevin Noob a Level 48 player of Adventure Time Battle Party In 4/2 (Due to a recent losing streak -_-).  In Patch 8/18 I've been seeing some OP champions and strategies and decided to put it all in this one post.


There is no real meta right now due to the lack of communication during champion select, but there has been a slight pattern. Teams tend to choose a high-damage wizard (Gunter, FP, Lich, etc.) / auto-attack carry (Magic Man, LSP, PB, etc), a strong fighter (Fionna, Rattleballs, Finn, Marceline, etc.), and a slightly tanky support (Lemongrab, Beemo, Jake, even Ice King). 

At the beginning of every game, everybody rushes to the middle altar because it gives a slight advantage in lane with the extra damage it gives. This usually results in an all-out teamfight that determines the tide of the game. From there, strategy starts getting very diverse. Sometimes there are 2 people in 1 lane and 1 person in the other, 2 solo lanes and 1 jungler, or even a three-man roaming squad looking for teamfights and/or picks by all hiding in one bush.

A good strategy is to push your lanes slightly and then roam around with teamates finding kills and/or clearing jungle camps. You shouldn't stay in the same lane for a long time because you don't get too much experience from it and if you push too far up you'd get caught out.

The importance of jungle camps can't be understated. They give you a HUGE advantage in points and exp. If you clear all 4 camps, that's 70 extra points and about a level in exp. Also remember to capture altars when convenient, but don't walk across the map to capture one altar unless it's a close game. Also, in the mid game you can opt to kill the Goo Monster for more points and exp, but don't just go up to it with your team and try to kill it. Watch where the enemies are when you do it. Make sure you have some lane pressure (Pressure: If enemies don't attend to it sooner or later, they will lose a tower.) or have some enemies dead before commiting. Otherwise, if you do it randomly, you'll be vulnerable to a steal or sometimes the enemies can intiate a teamfight on you and turn the whole thing around. 

Kee-Oth is a whole different objective, due to it being much stronger. If you see the enemy slacking off and you have Meta-Science, you can solo it at about level 7. Otherwise, you should rarely commit to Kee-Oth, and should only do it as a last ditch play for points or to secure a point lead. Make sure a few enemies are dead, because usually, Kee-Oth takes a long time to do and the enemy will hear you if they are alive. 


Some people think all the champions are the exactly the same strength. This isn't the case in most MOBA's because of the diverse abilities and in this game's case, backpacks.

Beemo: Support / Auto-Attack Carry

Beemo is definitely one of the stronger supports in the game right now due to his AOE stun and more importantly the ability to do damage especially if you build some AD. He can turn around teamfights with his Bouncy Bee while being considerably tanky at the same time.

Good Backpacks: Bella Noche's, Techno-Tank

Finn: Fighter

Finn is a bit iffy in this current patch (besides the new wizard skin. Lookin' good.). He relies on getting some levels for extra damage, but if he gets ahead, he can be a monster, getting resets on his dash everytime he gets a kill. 

Good Backpacks: Billy's Bag, Fridjitsu (occassionally)

Fionna: Fighter

Fionna is a champion that relies on getting ahead so she can get some health and damage. She's a very hit-or-miss champion. If you use her well, you can dash away from enemy spells and get kills to get ahead, but if you fall behind, you'd be squashed like a bug and find yourself using your ult just to get away.

Good Backpacks: Billy's Bag, Vampire Rocker Gear, Meta-Science (Jungle)

Flame Princess: Wizard

Flame Princess is a strong pick due to the ability to turn around teamfights with her Flambit Polymorph and Blazing Inferno. She's useful when behind or ahead, but her biggest weakness is escaping from danger when her ult is down.

Good Backpacks: Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear, Ice Monarch Regalia

Gunter: Wizard / Auto-Attack Carry

Gunter is one of the strongest wizards in the game right now because he has long-range poke and a dash to get away from bad situations. When he gets ahead, his bottles can take out half your health and his ult will melt you in a teamfight.

Good Backpacks: Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear, Fridjitsu (AD)

Ice King: Wizard / Support

Ice King is an average pick right now with extremely strong teamfights and waveclear but weak in lane and most other situations. He grows weak against anybody with shields relies on his teamates to clean up his work.

Good Backpacks: Ice Monarch Regalia, Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear

Jake: Support

Jake was a bit weak last patch but got a few buffs to bring him back into favor. His damage is lackluster when you build him AD, but many people are starting to build him with power damage instead of full tank now (because he's already tanky without backpack stats). This way he can do considerable damage with his ult while surviving long enough in a teamfight.

Good Backpacks: Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear, Bella Noche's

Lemongrab: Support

Even after a few nerfs, Lemongrab is still one of the strongest supports in the game with strong AOE crowd control while dealing high damage if you build him AP. One big buff to him this patch was the addition of Cooldown Reduction, letting his ult be available much more often to turn around teamfights or even simply use it in a 1v1.

Good Backpacks: Techno-Tank, Candy Monarch Regalia, Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear

The Lich: Support / Wizard

The Lich is another average pick this patch. He's almost exactly like Ice King, strong in teamfights but weak in small skirmishes. One strong part of him is his charm, which if it hits can mean almost certain death to the enemy if your teammates can follow up.

Good Backpacks: Techno-Tank, Ice Monarch Regalia, Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear

Lumpy Space Princess: Auto-Attack Carry

LSP is a strong pick right now but is extremely weak early game. But if you get to the later game, you become a complete monster because you have the most attack speed per level which mixes with high damage in certain backpacks. Play safe and farm early game and don't let the enemy punish too hard. 

Good Backpacks: Billy's Bag, Fridjitsu

Magic Man: Auto-Attack Carry / Wizard

Magic Man was hit the most in this patch with nerfs on his main backpacks and AD. Both Meta-Science and Enchanted Ensemble were nerfed recently, but on the upside, his abilites got buffed to make him more "magic". Magic Man's playstyle is still similar as before, intitiating with his ult and outplaying with his decoy and silence and cleaning up with auto-attacks. Definitely a stronger pick in low elo.

Good Backpacks: Billy's Bag, Meta-Science (nerfed), Enchanted Ensemble (nerfed)

Marceline: Fighter / Wizard

Marceline hasn't changed much this patch. Still strong in her monster form, being able to one-shot people with her combo. Now people are actually starting to build her with power damage, poking people with her Q. Very strong pick in low elo but in higher elo people learn how to dodge your Q's.

Good backpacks: Meta-Science, Candy Monarch, Techno Tank

Peppermint Butler: Fighter

Peppermint Butler is a very standard pick with moderate utility, power damage, and attack damage. He has a very basic kit is a 50/50 pick. Shouldn't be used in high elo though, due to his predicability.

Good Backpacks: Meta-Science, Bella Noche's, Billy's Bag

Princess Bubblegum: Auto-Attack Carry / Wizard

PB is a strong pick with a strong early-game altar rush and zoning potential with her long range. Is particularly strong against fighters and weaker against wizards.

Good Backpacks: Billy's Bag, Champion's Backpack, Enchanted Ensemble

Sir Rattleballs: Fighter

Rattleballs is one of the best if not the best characters in the game right now. He had a few buffs on his attack damage and health and ends up being a very-hard-to-kill-person while dealing tons of damage. Has tons of outplay potential with his counter and can cancel other players' abilites with his W, leading up to a wombo combo with his ult. Definitely a strong all-around pick.

Good Backpacks: Techno-Tank, Bella Noche's, Billy's Bag, Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear (PD)

Notable Backpacks

Some backpacks have rose to fame this patch while others have fallen off. Small insight on some (but not all) of them this patch.



After the nerf from Meta-Science, people are looking for high damage packs with tanky properties. Jake's Mace gives 50 AD, 50 AB, (100 damage total) AND 100 extra HP with four points. You mix this with either the Anti-Gravity Tote Chamber or Robo Suit to have a balance build overall. 

Bella Noche's

Just like Techno-Tank, Bella Noche's gives 100 flat AD mixed with strong defensive stats.

Nearly Ultimate Wizard Wear

This backpack is by far the strongest backpack for wizards right now because of its smooth PD scaling and different stats for any situation. Better option than Ice Monarch Regalia because of its flexibility.

Billy's Bag

Billy's Bag the standard fighter/auto-attack carry backpack right now due to strong offensive stats on the Nothung (75 AD / 35 AB) that synergizes with the Attack Speed from the Enchridion. Also has other stats to make it balanced overall.

Vampire Rocker Gear

Vampire Gear got a few buffs on its Ax Bass with added regeneration and attack vamp. Not an "OP" backpack but definitely at good backpack if you're looking for late game sustain.


Meta-Science Sack

This backpack was nerfed the most this patch. It did twice as much damage that it used to last patch due to a bug and now that it's removed, the bag is now subpar. Still the only backpack with "Monster Hunter" so you can still use it in the jungle.

Enchanted Ensemble

This bag was nerfed awhile ago and was favorable on auto-attack carries. Now it has only 25 stacks per point and 5 points per champ kill. It's still a good all-or-nothing backpack but there are much more reliable picks.

Ice Monarch Regalia

This bag used to be used on wizards due to its high PD on the Evil Eye and Ice King Crown. Although it wasn't nerfed, people stopped using it because you're forced choose that certain path, making you low on AD, armor, and HP.


Thanks for reading my insights on this ATBP patch! Hope you can take some of it in mind and test to see if it works (*cough* Rattleballs *cough*).

Disclaimer: This blog is based on my insights and analysis. You may agree or disagree with it in anyway you want. I am not responsible for your losses even though you used all the "strongest" backpacks and champions mentioned here.

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