Clever Pedro Alien's Guide for Solo Q                   Updated For Patch notes 8/18/2014

By: Clever Pedro Alien T4/4 Immortal Warrior

Champion picks

In solo Q you have to be aware of which champion you pick. Just because you are good at one specific champion does not mean you will have the ability to carry every match. The first thing i look at before i start any match is " do we have anyone that can clear jungle when we are down in points?". The reason behind this thought is that in order to win by points... you will need to jungle at some point.

The second question i ask myself is "will i have the ability to win with this champion even if a team member disconnects?" . There are plenty of champions capable of carrying a 2v3 (i will list at the end of discussion) and there are some champions that you will not be able to do anything but defend with.

The Third and final question i ask myself is "Does this champion blend well with my teams picks?" This question i have been lenient on when solo Q'ing low tier matches given the fact that other teams might have an even worse team composition that you have.But having 3 ranged carry's will be a nightmare to play with in most high elo matches. The moral to this question is blend wisely if you can make sure your team will have either two Fighters and a ninja/wizard.... or one Fighter and two ninja/wizard.

Make your chances to win higher

In any moba including ATBP you will need to complete a number of task to higher your win percentage of that match, we call these Objectives. To me objectives are in this order of effectiveness Towers>kee'oth>Kills>Goo Monster>Alters>Jungle: All of these aspects make up one match and all are situational.

Situation 1: At the start of the match you will want rush the middle Alter with your team.. this is a 50/50 situation because some players on your team might not be on the same page. If you ever find yourself at the middle Alter with only one of your teammates, go cap the bottom/top alter and push minions towards their tower. This route is the safest in regards to you making that win percentage increase.

Situation 2: Lets say it is mid game and the enemy team wants to do goo monster. Goo-monster is worth about +25 points the same amount of points as one kill.This is where i would make a choice... if my team is toplane i would take a look at botlane and if the minions are pushed above middle i will go bot lane and push to tower for +50 points and the map control.

Situation 3: The game is even and both teams are fighting for more points. In this situation my first option would be to clear the jungle and watch for potienial enemy slip ups.With any figher that has meta science backpack you can solo kee'oth around lvl 7 so when the enemy team is doing something elswhere and not paying attention... do Kee'oth.

T2rollin's Solo Q Champion Tier List

Without further adeu i bring you my personal champion teir list that i think will boost your elo straight up to T4 if played correctly following my advice.

God Tier 

These champions are what you will want to look for when you are tired of losing every-other match. My advice right now is to practice using each of these champions as they each have their own perks.

Flame Princess


Peppermint Butler

Sir RattleBalls

Tier 2

T2 are champions that i feel are strong enough to hold their own in a solo Q match.

Magic Man




Lumpy Space Princess

Tier 3

T3 champions require abit of teamwork to actually carry matches.


The Lich

Ice King

Tier 4

T4 consist of champions that are not the WORST champions but hardest to carry a match without great teamwork.

Earl of LemonGrab


Princess BubbleGum

Tier Changes For Patch notes 8/18/2014

Sir Rattleballs: Sir Rattle is now upgraded to God Tier due to his great mobility and superiority regarding the backpack changes. The nerf to meta science changed things around seing that RattleBalls can jungle well regardless of using this backpack.(Try using billys bag its pretty gnarly) This champion had me on the edge because he always had great mobility but before the changes there was plenty of others that could do his job without the need of teammates.

Ice King: To be honest i think Ice King and The Lich are in the same boat when it comes to solo Q " if you land your will see good results"  but if you miss ... well you are just a sitting duck =P. That is the main reason i bumped down Ice King to T3.

B-MO: B-MO is very strong at the moment he counters most Attack Power champions and can counter initiate anyone with a well timed W. This is why i moved him up to T2 he is pretty simple to play and he can hold his own. (you can use either Billys Bag or Nearly Ultimate Wizard back pack with him)

Marceline: I added Marceline to T2 from God Tier due to her slight situational skill cap. As i feel that she can hold her own i also miscalculated her skill based off of my personal gameplay. (She is still a great solo Q champion along with all of the T2 champions).

Lumpy Space Princess: This is by far the biggest leap in my Tier List change up. I went on a Lumpy binge and found out that she can carry matches with appropriate use of her entire kit. She has great base movement speed and end game she can be a nightmare running Billys Bag (1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>4>4). This changed her from T4 to T2 i feel that she can be a really strong champion if used correctly.

Conclusion Thank you so much for reading this guide! Remember that this isnt set in stone these are my opinions for what helps me climb the ranks quicker and i only wish to share my thoughts with all of you wonderful people that are in need of my opinions Please please please give Honest feedback it is indeed the best feedback and make sure you tune in to my stream everyday around 6 O'clock EST if you want to pick my brain even more

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