By: Clever Pedro Alien

T4/4 Immortal Warrior

Marceline is one of the best champions to use while solo Q'ing she has great catching ability and is able to jungle like a god using the right backpack.


  1. Great Catching ability (Q) (while in bat form).
  2. Has massive sustain making her able to stay in fights a very long time.
  3. Team fighting is a breeze with her multiple target charm.
    Marcy close up
  4. Can push turrets fast with the autto attack reset on her W ( in bat form).
  5. Great Mobility with her W (in both forms)


  1. She is very squishy, pick your fights wisely.
  2. Her early Alter rush is weak.
  3. Early teamfighting is weak.
  4. very easy to poke down

Picking a backpack for Marceline

When i am looking to pick a backpack for Marceline i glance at my team composition and tier that i am playing in.

The best back pack for AD marcy at the moment is 

Candy Monarch Regalia


If you are in T3-T4 there is more room for creativeness judging by the team compositon that you have.

if you already have a fighter on your team (fionna,pepermint butler,fin,rattleballs) there is a huge chance that

they will be building a meta although two meta is pretty good, there are many other backpacks that marcy can

use. My personal favorite is the "vamp rocker gear" backpack. it gives you so much life vamp early game for sustain 

in teamfights. Here is the build i use for it!

Vamp Rocker Gear Build: 1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>2>2.

Billys Bag Build:  1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>4>4

Bella Noche's Knapsack Build:1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>2>2

Meta-Sci build: 1>1>5>5>1>5>1>5>4>4

AP marcy for kits and giggles ;O)

NUWW 2>2>1>1>2>1>2>1>4>4

Tips for playing Marcy like a pro

  1. When the match starts pop your E to switch to Batform, this will allow you to catch a person out with your Q (which is a stun in bat form)
  2. When in doubt stay in Batform, the reason i say this is because there is too much utility in this form to not be in it so whenever possible switch to it.
  3. Fionna has an ult and thinks she can solo you? not in Batform lol once you pop your ult she will be charmed and you can auto attack her to death before she can pop ult.
  4. use her w (while in batform) immediately after an auto attack on a tower to take a huge chunk out of the tower health to push faster.
  5. at level 7 if the enemy team is focused derping off? go solo Kee'oth


The conclusion to this guide is... Batform.... it wins games ^_^ 

Thank you so much for viewing my guide please comment below if you think it needs any tuning i am tired right now so i probably skipped a few topics and also i stream everyday here is my twitch channel if you have any further questions about my guide 

Almost a one shot..00:54

Almost a one shot... Candy Monarch Marci

Candy Monarch Marcy is god

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