Vampire Rocker Gear: Live forever by draining your foes and rocking their world with these Abadeer family heirlooms!

  • PROs:  Attack Vamp, Power Vamp & Speed.
  • CONs:  Slightly less Attack Damage & Power Damage.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit


Ax Bass - This sweet ax is an Abadeer family heirloom

  • Attack Damage (10/25/45/75)
  • Attack Vamp (3%/5%/7%/10%)
  • Regenerate(1/2/3/5/)

Marceline's Amp - Blasting magical music that siphons your soul, or at least any red in it.

  •  Power Damage (15/35/75/150)
  • Power Vamp (5%/10%/15%/20%)

Billy's Loincloth - Armor yourself in the most basic gear of the legendary hero!

  • Armor (10/20/30/50)
  • Regenerate (2/4/6/8)
  • Speed (.05/.10/.15/.20)

Bubblegum's T-Shirt - T-Shirt gifted to the Candy Kingdom Monarch from the Vampire Queen of Rock.

  • Shields (10/20/30/50)
  • Health (25/75/100/150)
  • Speed (.05/.10/.15/.20)

Nightosphere Amulet - Amulet worn by rulers of the Nightosphere.

  • Health (50/100/150/225)
  • Attack Vamp (5%/10%/15%/20%)
  • Power Vamp (5%/10%/15%/20%)

Tips Edit

"Sustain" Backpack - This backpack focuses mainly on Attack/Power Vamp stats at the expense of slight Attack/Power Damage, letting the characters heal off their skills instead of going back to base. Due to its large sustaining abilities, this backpack can be an alternative to the "Meta-Science Sack" in the jungle, although early clear is weak due to lack of damage. This backpack is best on characters who don't have much sustain on their own (Magic Man, Gunter, etc.) and less effective on people who already have sustain on their own (Marceline, LSP, Sir Rattleballs, etc.). Also known for large health, the nightosphere amulet is a very powerful defensive battle junk because in higher leagues breach is very common, allowing defensive building ineffective. Adding to an interesting backpack, Upgrading axe base will give you hidden buff- increases your attack speed a little more than usual every level up. This makes up for lower than great damage stats